one direction (just imagine this)

imagine what i write and it would feel so real to you. you will have dreams about this stuff.


1. Liam imagine

                                                            imagine this

Liam walks to you at school and gives you a note. you read it and it says to meet him in the gym at 1:00pm.

It's 12:58pm and your in the bathroom and you get ready because you want to look really cute for Liam.

At 1:00pm you walk into the gym and you see card board trees behing Liam. then he says "Happy birthday sweety." you smile and run to him and give him a huge big hug.

Then you and Liam kiss under the card board trees and all of a sudden leaves are falling down and you feel so special. All of a sudden the bell rings and Liam takes your hand and you gently put your head on his shoulder and you guys walk down the hallway together and you have the best birthday present ever.


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