Kilby Drive

Over the years it seems as though there are less and less people living on our street of Kilby drive. The last time I saw was my neighbor was two years ago. My mom has told me that I must always be in before dark, no exceptions. I have a boyfriend, Jake. My mom hates him so everynight, he sneeks over so we can see eachother. One night I'm sitting on my bed waiting for him, at three in the morning, he's late. When I catch the essence of him in the dim ligting of the lamp post. Horror and danger was all over his face. What happened? Why was he acting like that?Sadly, my answer came and I wish I had never asked.


2. Police

I sat in the car, thinking about what to tell the police. Would I tell them the whole story or just the important parts? I didn't know. All I knew that the love of my life is out there trying to hold on to life. I know he's alive. Don't even dare tell me he isn't. I know he is, I can feel it all through out my body.

We pulled into the small Police Department parking lot and I slowly stepped out the car. My mom held my hand and guided me to the door. I leaned most of my wait on her. Basically, letting her walk for me. I was so scared and angered, I was shaking. When we walked in, my mom sat me down in one of the chairs. She went to the front desk, there was a lady sitting there with her feet proped up and reading a Vouge magazine.

"Excuse me." my mother said lightly. The lady looked at her from the top of the magazine.

"Yes?" she asked in a boring monotone.

"We have a terrible thing happen on our street and we need you to help us find him." she said franticly, worriedly.

"Him?" she huffed.

"Yes, him. He was taken by something, my daughter saw it, we need you to help us find him." my mom tapped her palm on the counter quickly and looked at the clock. I was impressed, she hated Jake, yet she was being concerned for me.

"Well, then." the lady put her feet down and slouched over in the chair," Over there is a missing persons' report." she explained dully. It was making me irritated," Fill it out. Has it been ore than twenty four hours since you last saw this person? If not you'll just have to come back later and fill one out. Now you can take one if-"

 "EXCUSE ME?" I boomed. I had completely lost my temper. "Are you trying to tell me that just because it hasn't been your stupid, little twenty four hours that the boy that I love wasn't taken by a huge beast that just so happened to descend form the woods and try to kill him? And  I was the one that had to watch it? I don't think so. So, you better give me one for those missing persons' reports or you can take me back and ask me about my story. Or your gonna have a very long day." I was staring at her with vicious eyes. She was leaded back in her chair, obviously shocked about how I confronted her.

"Al- Alright." she said nervously. All the attitude sucked out of her voice. "Come with me." she stood up and walked me to a back room. "Wait right here." she didn't look at me, only shut the door. I sat there and all the fierceness went away. Sadness took it's place. I pulled my legs to my chest in the chair, resting my head on my knees.

"Jake," I whispered, "Are you alright?" A tear escaped my eyes. "Please be okay." I said lightly. The tears got heavier. I tried to hold them back when a man walked in the room.

"Hello." he said reaching his hand out. "Officer Timber." I took his hand

" Ellie." I told him, putting my feet on the floor.

"What's that?" he nodded to my thigh. I looked down and saw a wet spot. "Oh, those are from my, uh, tears." I sighed.

"Tears? What's a pretty thing like you to be crying about? How old are you? Fourteen?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Fifteen." I explained. "I just saw the boy I love get beaten." I looked at my hands in my lap.

"Beaten? By who?" he furrowed his brow.

"Not who," I shook my head, "by what."

"Huh?" he asked confused.

 "Jake always came to my house at three o'clock in the morning." I started to explain," Last night he was late. When I looked out my window, I saw him acting really strange. He looked confused and terrified, like he didn't want to be seen.

  "I was gonna open my window to tell him how stupid he looked when I saw it come out of the woods. The thing came up to him slowly. Jake was frozen, then tried to run, but the thing was too quick-" my voice cracked and tears spilled out from my eyes. ,

  " And then, the beast caught up to him and knocked him down. Jake hit the ground pretty hard and let out the worst hair raising scream you've ever heard. The beast grabbed him by the chest and just dragged him away like an old rag doll." My breath caught and thicker tears came.

 " If only I had opened the window. If only I had said something, he might be here and not lying on the woods' ground just dying or suffering. Why didn't I open the window? Why did I just stand there and watch that happen to him? WHY?" I screamed and leaned over myself. I was bawling. Officer Timber came over and soothingly rubbed my back.

"I promise, we'll find him." he said to me. I picked up my head and looked him in the eyes.

"Promise?" I asked. I wiped the tears from my face. He paused a moment then nodded,

"Absolutely promise." he vowed. I sat up straighter. "Do you have any pictures of him?" he asked me.

"Yeah," I blushed "I have some." I was remembering all of them. I didn't just have some, I had tons. We take pictures every time we're together. I have a million pictures of him with a million different funny faces, but I knew the exact one I would use. It was perfect.

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