Kilby Drive

Over the years it seems as though there are less and less people living on our street of Kilby drive. The last time I saw was my neighbor was two years ago. My mom has told me that I must always be in before dark, no exceptions. I have a boyfriend, Jake. My mom hates him so everynight, he sneeks over so we can see eachother. One night I'm sitting on my bed waiting for him, at three in the morning, he's late. When I catch the essence of him in the dim ligting of the lamp post. Horror and danger was all over his face. What happened? Why was he acting like that?Sadly, my answer came and I wish I had never asked.


1. Jake

   I was sitting on my bed, staring out my first story window. It was pitch black and I could barely see a thing past the dim lighting of the lap post in our yard. I was searching the street for him, for Jake. Every night I waited for him to come down the street with his flashlight and climb in through my window. This was the only possible way for us to talk. I have no cell phone, and no computer. My mom also won't let me out of the house after dark. "That's the rule. No exceptions." is how she clearly stated it.

    My mind began to wander, all about Jake. He was absolutely perfect. Brown hair flipped to the left, sparkling green eyes that you just wanted to melt in, the whitest smile you've ever seen, only three inches taller than me. Like I said, perfect.

I glance at my clock on the bedside table and it is fifteen minutes past three, he's late, and Jake is never late. I begin to worry, had some thing happen to him? Of course not, I assured myself, nothing ever happens on our street. Five long minutes later I began to see the small beam of light coming down the street, on the pavement. I jump up and hurry excitedly to the window.

 I notice something very odd, Jake isn't walking his normal pace, very slowly. It's as if he was watching something or being overly cautious. When he reached the light of the lamp post, horror was spread all across his face. He wasn't looking at me in the window. Jake was looking frantically side to side as if trying to make sure that no one was watching him. I began to become a little too eerie. What the crap was he trying to hide from? My neighbors? Ha, I have no neighbors and he knows that.

I began to open the window to yell to him what an idiot he looks like. I stop myself. There he stood, frozen to the spot to where he stood. Jake stared straight into the woods. Never once did he blink. I searched the far off wood, but didn't catch anything. Jake still hadn't moved and I was confused. What the heck was he staring at? Sadly, my question was answered abut two seconds later.

A enormous, haggled, hunched over figure began to descend from the tree line. I stare in absolute awe at the figure. I was too huge to be any kind of human being. Slowly it sauntered away from the thick trees, towards Jake. I could tell by Jake's face that he was holding his breath. The creature seemed to prance in a way, almost child like; yet it had it's arms spread out like a bird at flight, that made it intimidating.

   The most horrid thing about it, was it's beady, soulless, red eyes, right in the middle of it's face. As it came closer and closer to him my heart began to flutter. What could I do? Not a thing. A pondering look became on Jake's face. Suddenly, he took off in the other direction, sprinting as fast as I've ever seen  him. The beast caught on quickly to what he was doing and sprang after him.

The creature leaped into the air and force Jake down onto the hard, cold concrete. I gasp and a tear fell form my eye. Jake let out a blood curdling scream; trying to get out of it's hold. But to no avail, he was trapped.

The thing stood up and it's hind feet, locking it's ginormous hands around Jake's body, dragging him away. His face was soaked in tears and blood from the deep gash in his head. Crying and screaming the thing carried Jake away and disappeared back into the tree line. I could still faintly hear the cries he let out; or maybe it was just my imagination. I stood there unable to move a bone and hadn't realized yet that I was silently sobbing. 

The door to my room swung open and I turned in fear to only see my mom standing in the door way. I ran to her and let out a whale.

"What's wrong?!" she asked bring my face out of her shirt," What was all that screaming?!"

"JAKE!" I cried out "He was walking over and this thing came out of the woods," I crumbled to the ground and my mother took me in the arms and began to rock me soothingly. "And the thing attacked him and carried him away! He was screaming and crying and  something happened to his head! Mom! We need to go! We need to go find him! We have to find him, we have to find him right now!!"

 I screamed and cried into her shirt. She didn't say anything for a long time, and waited for me to calm down.

"We can't go now baby. I promise that if you are up at six in the morning, when the police station opens back up, then you wake me up and we will go." she said soothingly. I nodded. She stood up and led me down the narrow hallway to her bedroom. She climbed into her bed and scooted over for me to fit in.

    I lay down and she cradled me to her chest. I cried and cried for a long while, even after she had fallen asleep. I did doze off once, but only to be woken up with new tears. I had relived him being taken away over and over again in my dream. I was awake at six. I woke up my mom and we did as she promised.

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