3 words changed my life

im no longer doing my life with harry styles so i have started this new book i hope you enjoy it


2. spa treatment


WAKE UPPPPP!!!! is all i heard when i woke up i was like who is in my house then i saw it was Hailey and i said HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE *throws pillow* dont act like i dont know where you keep your spare key im your bestfriend no a stranger she said .... oh yeah but seriously what are you doing here its 7:00 in the moring

well i was thinking we should go to the spa to get freshened up for tonight because its been a month since i told you we were going to the concert and i want to look good for niall and im pretty sure you want to look good for harry ...

you have a point there my dearest friend sooooooooo OK! but first let me get dressed so i got up went to my closet and got a pair of highwaisted black denmin shorts with studs and a blue croptop and some white covers my bellybutton pericing then put my hair up in a high messy ponytail staightend the ends of my pink tips andf we headed off .

A/N sorry for a short chapter next one will be much longer and include the boys :D
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