3 words changed my life

im no longer doing my life with harry styles so i have started this new book i hope you enjoy it


4. revenge


HARRY! so this is what you do ,First you want to take me out to dinner then you go off and start swallowing a girls face off!!!! you know what I thought you weren't like that harry and you can forget about the dinner because you will probably be too busy making out with another girl!!!, THATS IT I HAD ENOUGH! I slapped him in the face and ran he just stood there with a shocked face and went back to the girl he is soo grrrrrrrrrrr I cant even say it that's when I felt an arm around my waist I screamed just when I thought it was harry it was niall THANK GOD! NIALL YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF MEEE !!!!



oops sorry sarah but harry is just being a jerk he asked out that girl and she said yes im sorry ,I looked in sarahs eyes a tear fell and I whipped it away then she was staring at the ground and then she just started giggling and hugged me and said its okay niall I have an idea she said and I was soo confused I asked what was that idea she had?!.



NIALL! its simple lets just make him jealous its easy okay we pretend to date and be love birds and kiss EVERY TIME HES IN THE ROOM!! but first we have to let the rest of the boys know but harry can NOT! know obviously .....so are you in



......IM IN !!! ok lets go tell the boys she said so we went back to the boys and told them that the plan starts tomorrow and that HARRY CAN NOT KNOOOWWWW!! they all agreed .



okay hailey we told the boys since harry said he really liked me and asked me out to dinner then made out with another girl we are gonna make him jealous make sure harry doesent know about the plan ok

HAILEY: oookkkkk but who is gonna be you fake boyfriend ?

SARAH: niall is so we are gonna start tomorrow and were gonna meet up at his place

HAILEY :ok got it


                                                             THE NEXT DAY :


I got up so did hailey because she slept over at my house for the plan and I got into something that would make harry jealous I put on a pink see through button up tank topy shirt with a pink braish kinda thing under it so its showing my stomach and curled my hair and did my make up and put my converse on hailey wore something similar then we headed off . 20 MINUTES LATER: we arrived and I saw niall harry was standing right in front of the door with his mouth wide open and staring at me I ran up to niall who had his arms wide open I jumped on him and he hugged me and we kissed for like 2 minutes I looked at harry who had a sad face on my plan was working .

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