3 words changed my life

im no longer doing my life with harry styles so i have started this new book i hope you enjoy it


5. revenge (continued)

NIALLS POV : I saw sarah and she looked soo beautiful I love her soo much but not like that I may have known her for a day but I love her like a sister , as soon as she walked out the car I opened my arms and she came running and she juped n me wrapped her legs around my waist and we hugged and kissed like for 2 minutes she looked at harry and smiled at me and mouthed out "its working" I smiled and kissed her.


HARRYS POV: since when is sarah and niall going out I feel like a jerk I did not mean to kiss that girl ,it was all my fault I just had to have a covorsation with taylor I was drunk only a little she came close and dug her nailsin me and started kissing me and when sarah slapped me I had to get m phone from taylor when that happened she kissed me again and then management said that we were a good couple and made us a couple I did not like it at all she had no clue management set us p IM SUCH A JERK!


SAEAHS POV: me and niall went inside but first I played hard to get I told niall what I was doing and he nodded hey harry I said sorry for last night I guess you don't see anything in me I guess you like taylor now then I hugged and kissed his cheek I could see his little friend pop out when I pulled away and returned to niall harry walked in niall noticed and we strted making out on his couch and we were like that for 5 minutes and you wont believe who came right after niall and I got off the cough .,....





(A/N) do you know who came ??????

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