3 words changed my life

im no longer doing my life with harry styles so i have started this new book i hope you enjoy it


3. meeting fot the first time


We got to the spa and got a massage our hair done like a celeb and make-up done we also got our nails done one direction styled. I checked my watch and my eyes widend its 6:00 I tapped Hailey and I told her that we only have 1 hour and 30 minutes she half screamed OMG we need to go and then we payed the people and left back to my flat when we got there we got dressed I wore a purple crop top with blue denmin highwaisted studded shorts and suspenders with some white converse.


HAILEYS POV: when sarah told me we had 1 hour and 30 minutues  I screamed OMG we need to go so we went and got dressed  I put on a tight white croptop and  highwaisted blue shorts  when I saw sarah I knew harry would fall for her instantly I thought about this whole niall  thing I think I want liam to fall for me sooo I did all this for liam ..



ok 30 minutes left and the arena is 10 minutes away so I told Hailey that we need to go and she said ok and we headed off to the arena 10 MINUTES LATER....... WERE HERE!!! we both shouted and we were the almost the last ones there but we finally got in and the show was AMAZAYN!!! after the show we went backstage and when I got there all eyes were on Hailey and I so it was really awkward and harry was staring at me which was really cute it kept making me blush then he finally came over to me and said hi then we had a full on convo I saw hailey walking over to liam she told me about the whole switcheroo thing and I could tell liam had a thing for her it was the best day ever. niall and I got along like best friends it was awesome ... that day harry told me he wanted to go on a dinner date with me !!!!  and of course I said yes me and hailey walked out the back door and I saw something that I should have never seen ..       (a/n) oooooo a CLIF HANGER don't woory I will update tomorrow!!

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