3 words changed my life

im no longer doing my life with harry styles so i have started this new book i hope you enjoy it


6. its working more and more


omg taylor had to come here me and niall just went on his back porch so harry could see us we were talking harry went in the kitchen which is where the back porch was so niall grabbed my waiste and pulled me on his lap and we started kissing and kissing I knew harry was jealous because he had a more angry yet sad face on plus he pulled niall aside to talk I could here what he was saying he said that dude I had her first I don't even want to be with taylor then niall said dude you never had her u cheated by snogging taylor and now she is mine that made me blush a lot when harry said he had me first :D








(A/N) sorry for this really really short chapter its like not even a chapter I have writers block can u give me ideas thanks ~sarah

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