Nobody Compares-A Niall Horan Fanfic

19 year old Melody Lees is a very popular singer who's music is very deep and special has her life completely twisted when she meets British-Irish boyband One Direction and falls head over heels for a certain Irish teenager...


3. Spending The Day With One Direction.

Melodys POV:
I woke up to texts from Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam.

'Hey Melody it's Louis! Wake up and get your ass over to our place so we can hang out with you!!!!!!'

'Hello Melody good morning. It's Liam. Just wanted to let you know my number

'Hi it's Harry. Please spend the day with us? Pleeeasseee!'

'Hi Melody it's Zayn, here's my number so call me maybe and hang out with us cause Louis is fighting with Harry, Liam is trying to get us to watch Toy Story and Niall is stuffing his me..'

'Hi Melody, wanna hang out? Nialler xox'

I looked at the text from Niall the most. Why did he put the 'xox'? I'm so confused. Does he like me? Or is that just what he does? I replied to the others saying I'll be over soon and to Niall I sent:

'Hi Nialler, sure I'll hang out with you and the boys! I'll be there soon!'

I didn't want to put any x's cause that might seem like flirting which is the opposite of what I want to do. Sure Niall is great but Harry's got the curls and is a lot more..what's the word? I'll just say Harry's fitter. I got dressed and drove over to the boys' place.

Nialls POV:
Melody agreed to hang out with us so I decided to tidy up a little since our place looked like a pig sty. I heard a knock at the door and Liam got up to answer it. Melody walked in looking gorgeous. She was wearing some skin tight jeans and a beautiful top that made her look even more stunning that usual. God how I wish I could call her my princess.

Melodys POV:
I noticed Niall staring at me but I ignored it because I didn't want to freak myself out. We all spent the day together just having a laugh. The boys are so funny! I kept on noticing Niall staring at me though. Weird. Wait, I recognise that look. It's the look I've been giving Harry. *gasp* Niall...likes me.

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