Nobody Compares-A Niall Horan Fanfic

19 year old Melody Lees is a very popular singer who's music is very deep and special has her life completely twisted when she meets British-Irish boyband One Direction and falls head over heels for a certain Irish teenager...


2. "Hi, we're One Direction."

Melody's POV:
So I'm all ready for the red carpet tonight. I'm wearing my favourite blue summer dress with some gladiator sandal style heels-mainly because I'm a shortie!! I walked downstairs to grab my designer purse and headed outside where my limo was waiting.

I love being able to say that I'm famous but somedays
I get really annoyed at the pampering but if I want to spread my message to my fans then I must go through this. Tough job but someone's gotta do it!!

The limo pulled up outside the club and I took some photos for my fans and signed some stuff for them. Someone had even made me a 'Congrats On The 3rd Album' card! How sweet are they?? I walked into the club and my favourite song 'How We Do' by Rita Ora was playing. I noticed my best friends Ariana and Perrie standing by the dj telling him what songs to play. Ariana is my closest friend and is like my sister. She has red hair that looks like red velvet cupcakes and really bright blue eyes. Perrie has light blonde hair and is dating Zayn Malik from One Direction who is definitely a nice sight to see!

I walked over to them to chat and choose some cool songs to play. "Hey girls!" "Hey Mel!" Ariana said. "Hiya Mel!" Perrie greeted. "Right then, lets get this party started!" I said giggling like a little schoolgirl. We danced for ages until my manager came up to me saying I had to talk to other people. I noticed Conor Maynard chilling in the corner with Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora so I decided to chat with them. "Hi! It's great you guys could make it!" "Hey Melody, it's a cool party we wouldn't wanna miss out!" Conor said. "Yeah it's awesome." Ed then said. After chatting, Harry Styles walked over to us.

I swear that boys is just too friggin' perfect to exist. Melody. Focus. There's no time for that. "Hello Harry, thanks for coming." "Thanks for having me." "So how are you then?" I asked trying to make small talk. "I'm great, and you?" "Nervous for this third album." "I'm sure it'll be great just like your other two albums." "Thanks, it's quite a different sound so the fans may not like it as much." "I'm sure they'll love it no matter what." "Thanks," I blushed looking at the floor, "I really like your new album." "Thanks what's your favourite song?" "Probably Nobody Compares, Little Things or Heart Attack. I can't decide!" "Haha! Well I'm really happy you like it! I'm a massive fan!" "Awh how sweet!" Now it was his turn to blush. Adorable. His bandmates came over with Perrie and Ariana. "Hey Ari, Pezza..again..haha!" "Heya Mel! This is Zayn." "I know, hi boys, great to meet you!" "And you, we're all big fans!" "Thanks."

I talked to them and a few more celebs until the party ended at 3:00pm. The limo took me home and got into my pjs and shoved my hair into a messy bun. I removed my makeup and checked my phone to see if anyone had texted me.
*1 New Message*
'Hey Melody! It's Niall!'
'Hey Niall'
'You okay?'
'Yeah, just really tired, you?'
'Im great. I'll talk to you in the morning cause I'm tired too.'

Tonight went great. I got the phone numbers of everyone if One Direction. I could not be happier.
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