Life Was Never Meant To Be Easy (Janoskians FanFiction)

What would you do if you had to live with an abusive father?

What would you do if the only thing you thought about was if you were going to make through the next day?

What if the only person you had left was Beau?

What would you do?


2. They Have No Idea


I make my way to the front steps and say to myself “ how the hell am I going to get up there?” Just as I raised my right leg someone yells out “TEGAN!” I turned my head to see who it was and I see my best friends Jake, Jasmine, Monique, Liam and Brooke running towards me. Next thing I know is they all jumped on me, well that wasn’t a very good idea, because the next thing I do is scream out in pain and everyone’s heads turn to me.


 Tears streaming down my face as I escape my friends grip. As I’m lying on the ground, doubled over in pain. I look up at there worried faces and get off the ground and the only thing I can think of now is to run, and fast.


I couldn’t believe I was running away from my own friends but I was scared, scared that he might do something to hurt them and if he did I would never be able to live with myself. But sooner or later they’re going to find out but I wish I wasn’t the one that had to tell them.


I hear their faint voices, which means that they aren’t going to find me anytime soon so I find a tree and slide my back down it and sit on the ground. I try and think about what I am going to do but there is nothing I can do or think right now so I sit here and let all my emotions flow free.


 The cold wind presses against my skin and tears soak into my shirt. As I cry my eyes out I feel a warm embrace around me but I don't bother looking up to see whom it was I just sob louder. I still have pain shooting up my body. I open my eyes but they are blurred because I still have tears streaming down my face. I feel the persons embrace tighten around my waist, I clean myself up and look to my right to see my best friend Beau sitting there with tears also streaming down his face. Because I know he can feel the pain I’m going through, but I don’t want him to because it’s my fault that my dad does this to me not Beau’s and it never will be his fault.

I have known Beau for most of my life he was there for me when my mum died and he is the only one who knows about my dad. But it has gotten worse and I could bear to tell him because I know he will do something that will hurt himself and he doesn't deserve to go through the pain, I do. 

"Beau I have to tell you something..." I choke out through all the tears.

"It's ok Tegan you have to say anything, you don't have to deal with this anymore ok I am here for you and I always am." He hugs me tighter and I let out a small cry and he immediately loosened his grip. I look into his eyes and see anger, anger that I have to be put through all this pain but have no idea why, anger that he knows he can't do anything about it and anger that this will never get better but worse. 

The bell sounds and Beau gets up onto his feet and holds his hand out in front of me, I take it and he helps me of the ground. " You can't go to school like this you know." I nod waiting for him to continue. "I have an idea do you want to go to the sick bay and just relax and I could stay with you to." he says giving me a comforting smile and waiting for me to answer him.

"Yeah if that is ok I don't want you to miss out on school because of Me.,” I say looking at the ground trying not to make eye contact with him. I feel his hand under my chin and lifting it up so I am looking in his eyes. When I look into his eyes I feel safe, safe from this world that I wish I was never brought into, I wish I was in a safe place, I wish I was with my mum.

"Don't you ever say that ok I am always here for you no matter what, now lets go to the sick bay so you can get some rest." I smile at him and he puts his arm around my waist to help me keep my balance, we are just really good friends and there is nothing going on between us, but I do know that he likes me but I know that my feelings for him are only for a friend a best friend.

I limp my way to the sick bay with Beau’s help, I pull my hoodie over my head so I don’t be seen by any of my friends cause I can’t really deal with telling them what is going on I don’t even know if I want to tell them, and what I really don’t want is bringing attention to myself I am not that type of person. I only think of other people lives and I don’t even want to talk about my life because it is a life I do not want to live.

We walk into the sick bay and I lay down on the bed, but I have too much on my mind to even think about sleeping. I look over a Beau and can tell that there is something on his mind, he catches my eye and tries to let out a smile. I don’t bother asking him what is wrong but I move over so there is enough room for him to lie down as well. I tap on the bed telling him to come lay down with me, he gets up off his seat and makes his way over. He lies down next to me and I put my arm around his waist and he does the same to me, next thing I know I fall into a deep sleep in Beau’s arms as the throbbing pain slowly disappears. 


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