Life Was Never Meant To Be Easy (Janoskians FanFiction)

What would you do if you had to live with an abusive father?

What would you do if the only thing you thought about was if you were going to make through the next day?

What if the only person you had left was Beau?

What would you do?


1. Blood and Tears


I wake up to my stupid alarm clock and now with a thumping headache, with my blurred-eyed vision I see a tall figure coming towards me as my eyes become clearer I see my dad standing there with a bat in his hand. It seems like he has been drinking again because he can’t even stand straight. As I look into his dark green eyes I see anger that is all I have seen ever since mum died.


 It has only been a month since she died and dad hasn’t been acting himself lately. He has been drinking a lot and been saying that it is my entire fault that mum died but it isn’t she died in a car crash that had nothing to do with me. Also he has been hurting me really bad, I would have cuts and bruises everywhere and no one knows how I feel, I feel like it is my fault mum died and well dad thinks it is so why don’t I just believe that he is true? And all the things dad call me are true like I’m worthless, fat, ugly and that no one will ever love me.


As he starts to yell at me and say “get out of bed you fat ugly pig and go to school I don’t want to see your ugly face” tears start to prickle in my eyes as I try not to cry in front of him because it is a sign of weakness and I don’t want to look weak in front of him cause he will hurt me more. As he slowly swings the bat towards me I close my eyes waiting for the pain to come over my body.


First there is pressure on my stomach and with that I get winded and find it hard to breath. I clench my stomach tight hoping the pain will disappear but it isn’t that easy. Next I feel pain all down my legs and a terrifying scream escapes from my lips, as I open my eyes and look at him, he doesn’t see me but all he has is a smirk on his face cause he knows that he is making me suffer through all the pain.


Next thing I know is he takes my right arm and digs his nails into me. I tried to escape his grip but there was no use he is just too strong. He chucks me onto the ground and starts kicking every part of my body. Tears are streaming down my face as I feel something dripping down my forehead; then I put my hand to my head to see what it is, as I look in my hand I see blood and cries get louder.


“ Your such a sook, your so weak and stupid! Why would anyone want to be friends with you? Oh I know why, cause they feel sorry for you that’s why now leave this house and leave my sight cause I really don’t want to deal with you” he yells at me then gave me one last kick in the stomach I screamed out in pain.


My whole body is numb as I slowly and painfully try to make my way to my closet to get ready for school; the pain shoots all the way through my body. How am going to be able to get to school like this, I can’t let anyone see me like this, because he did a good job covering up every part of my body with bruises. I hold onto the walls to help me find my balance. I finally make my way to my closet and find a pair of black leggings to cover my legs, a big baggy hoodie to cover my arms and face and also a pair of black converse. As I try my best to get dressed I look down at my arms and can already see big purple bruises forming. I cover them up as fast as I can so I don’t have to look at them. I limp my way to the bathroom. As I look in the mirror I see a girl, a scared girl. My eyes are all blood shot and with dried up blood on my face. It doesn’t even look like me, and the only sound I can hear is blood dripping from my nose into the sink, and a big bruise forming on my blood shot eye. I try and clean my self up as much as I can. I grab my school bag and limp my way to the front door, I open it and let the cold air hit my small, fragile and bruised body.


I start walking in the direction to go to school, as people walk past me I try my best to cover up my face so no one can see the purple bruises on my skin. After so much pain trying to get to school I finally make it. I don’t go in but just stand and look at it. It is old and big and it’s made of red brick. It has girls and boys from the ages of 12-18 piled out on the front steps of the main campus and to it there are two basketball courts. I painfully open the front gates and make my way in and I think to myself now the real pain begins.

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