Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


19. Welcome Home Hallison

*Ali's P.O.V.*

     I was going to my first home: London. That is where I felt the most comfortable to be perfectly honest with you. The whole car ride there, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. I took out my phone and took a picture of Harry driving. "We're goin' home!! :D" I put as the caption after I picked the perfect effect. We haven't told the fans that I was pregnant yet. Management told Harry to wait until I started to show to tell the fans. Both of our families know that I'm pregnant. I let a yawn escape my lips a few minutes later. "Why don't you take a nap," Harry suggested, keeping his eyes on the road. I nodded as I rested my head against the window and closed my eyes. 

     I was awoken by the sound of girls screaming. "This is why you don't tweet that your going home," Harry jokingly scolded me when he saw that my eyes were open. "Oh bite me," I told him. He leaned over but I pushed him back. "Not literally you ninny!" I giggled. We got out of the car and the screams got louder. "Ali can I have your closet?" one girl yelled causing me to laugh. All I was wearing was a pair of running shorts, an old football shirt, and a pair of Nike trainers. I didn't think I had that good of a style. I just threw on whatever I thought looked good together then walked out of the house. I was about to grab my bags but Harry told me to go to the flat as he handed me the key. I nodded as I walked toward the building. I hit the the 10 button then rode the elevator in silence. The doors opened on the 10th floor. I got out then walked to the end of the hall. I unlocked the door to my new home. It was bigger than what I had expected. "Wow," I whispered as I looked around. I closed the door then ventured farther into the flat.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

    I grabbed me Ali's bags then put them on a cart to take them to our new home. I was glad we were moving in with each other. "Hi Harry," my neighbor Mrs. Mauti smiled when I walked into the lobby. "Hi Bridgett," I smiled. "How's John?" "He's great. Do you need help with those bags?" she offered. "No thanks." "Oh please I insist," she said before she grabbed a bag out of my hand. I followed her to the elevator. "So how is your girlfriend?" Mrs. Mauti asked, trying to make conversation. "She good," I smiled. "What's her name again?" "Alison Edwards." "The name rings a bell for some reason." I shrugged then continued to make conversation.

     When we got to the flat, I could hear Ali singing to something that was playing on the stereo. "Thank you Bridgett," I smiled as I took my bag back. "Not so fast curly! I want to meet this girlfriend of yours." She knocked on the door and the singing stopped. I opened the door then put the bags down. "Ali! I have someone who wants to meet you," I yelled. "Is it a cat?" she yelled from the kitchen. "Nope." I heard a chair screech then footsteps come towards us. "Hi Mrs. Mauti. You alright?" Ali smiled when she came into the room. "I'm alright thank you," Mrs. Mauti smiled. "Mrs. Mauti used to be my history teacher before I moved," she explained. I nodded. "Well it was nice talking to you," Mrs. Mauti smiled before she turned to leave. Ali walked towards the bags but I lightly slapped her hand away. "I don't want you to stress the baby," I explained to her. She rolled her eyes then picked up a medium sized bag from Victoria's Secret. "What's in that?" I asked. "To be honest I can't remember," she giggled. I laughed along as I picked up a couple bags. "After you," she nodded. I walked to the staircase then up then to the first room on the right. "Harry! This is amazing," Ali gasped. "Just like you I smirked. "Corny," she giggled. "Thank you. Oh your closet is right there," I said, pointing to a door. "I get my own closet?" I nodded before I turned to get the rest of the bags.

*Ali's P.O.V.*

      When I finished unpacking, I flopped down on the bed. Harry went to the store to get some food. "I'm hungry!" I complained to no one. I grabbed Harry's laptop on the bedside to get on Twitter. I was to the point of complete boredom to where I wanted to do a Twitcam. "Doin' a Twitcam. Come ask me questions lovelies! xx" "Hi guys," I waved to the camera. "Where's Harry" A person asked. "Harry went to get food," I smiled. "How do you like London so far?" another person asked. "I love it! I actually lived here until I moved here I was 16." I heard the front door open then quickly close. "Foods here!" he yelled. "Be right back guys!" I told the people watching the Twitcam. I ran downstairs to get whatever he brought home. He had a box of pizza in his one hand and a plastic bag in the other. "I'll take that," I smirked as I grabbed the box then ran up to the bedroom. "You have to share!" Harry whined. "You snooze you lose Curly Q," I mocked before I shut the door. 

     I walked to the bed then sat down, putting the pizza next to the laptop. "Hey guys!" I smiled. I looked at some of the comments that people had posted while I was gone. "Hallison is PERFECT! Y cant i have a guy like hazz :(" "What the heck is 'Hallison'?" I asked before I took a bite. "It's our relationship name you ninny!" Harry said as he walked into the room. "Guys Hazza's here!" I cheered. "Can I have a piece?" Harry asked, pointed to the pizza. "I guess," I sighed. Harry grabbed a piece then sat next to me. People had tweeted hello to Harry and he just simply waved for, he had a mouth full of food.

     We kept the Twitcam going until I got tired. "Well guys I'm gonna go to bed. Thank you all for watching!" I waved as I hit the end button. I closed the laptop then put it back where I found it. I squeezed under the blankets. Harry followed then put his arm around me. "Welcome home babe," he whispered in my ear. I turned to face him before I kissed the tip of his nose then snuggled closer into his chest, ending a wonderful day. :)


A/N: Hey guys sorry if this sucked. This was more of a filler chapter than anything. I hoped you enjoyed it either way. :) xx Alexa

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