Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


34. Way To Go Nialler

*Ali's P.O.V.*

    I woke up to Harry's arm around my waist. I wiggled out, put on my pajamas, then walked out of the room. Niall was playing with Darcy at the table with everyone sitting around him. "Hey guys," I smiled. "Oh Harry," Louis said, trying to mimick my voice. "Don't stop Hazza!" Niall chimed in. "Don't do that in front of the baby!" I gasped as I grabbed my daughter. "It's not like she's going to remember this!" Lou protested. "Still it's weird to talk about that stuff with a baby in the room. Right Darc?" Darcy just giggled. "I think she enjoys it," Niall smirked. "Yeah. Just like I love spinch," I said sarcastically. "Well why don't I get you some," Zayn said, getting out of the little booth looking thing. "No I'm fine," I smiled. "You sure?" he questioned. "110%," I grinned. "So what did you guys do last night?" I asked as I scooted in the booth. "Nothing really," Liam answered. "What time did you guys get home from the club?" "Around one," Niall honestly answered. "So were you a good girl Darc?" I asked my daughter. "She was an angel," Liam smiled. "Like her mummy," I smiled. Niall and Louis started to chuckle. "I am a nice person!" I whined. "When you want something," Niall said in between laughs. "So not true!" I gasped. Lou gave me the "Girl please" look. I rolled my eyes and thank god Harry came out. "Hey babe," I smiled. "Morning love," he said as he kissed my lips. "Keep it PG guys," Liam laughed. "So what are we doing today?" I asked the guys. "Press," Zayn sighed. "Mind if we tag along?" I asked. They shook their heads. "What time are you leaving?" "Soon," Niall said. "Descriptive," I giggled as I got up.

     I changed Darc into a oneise that said "My Dad's tattoos are cooler than your Dad's" and a pair of jeggings and Vans. I put on a pair of black jeans, a turquoise shirt with rolled sleeves, and T-strap sandals. Harry just threw on a pair of jeans and a random shirt from the floor. We got into a van that Paul was forced to drive as usual. At the radio station, the girls were screaming the lyrics to Live While We're Young. A couple attacked the car like dogs. I was scared to get out purely for the safety of Darcy. The van stopped so we piled out of the car. The guys formed a little barrier around me and the baby. "Thanks guys," I smiled when we got in the lobby. "Anything for you guys," Harry smiled before he kissed my check.

     "We have One Direction in studio with a couple special guests," the radio show host cheered. I was standing in the room next to the room that the guys were in. There was a window where I could watch the show. Darcy sat on my lap and kept her eyes on her father. "So guys how's the tour going?" "Great!" Louis answered. "It's great to see the fans." "Harry you have your fiance and daughter with you. How are they enjoying Canada and America?" "I think they like it," he said, turning back to smile at me. I smiled back shyly. "Such a social butterfly," he chuckled as he turned his attention back to the host. "I have to say that your daughter is so cute," he smiled at Darcy. "She gets it from me," Harry smirked causing the boys to laugh. "Well it's true!" he whined. "Whatever helps you sleep better at night Harry," Zayn said, patting his friend's back. "Well that was rude!" he gasped. I was giggling. "Well we will have more with One Direction after this," the host said. I walked into the room with Darcy in my arms. "Hi princess!" Harry smiled. I handed him his daughter. He swayed around to make her laugh. "And we're back with One Direction," the host said a couple minutes. Harry handed me Darcy then I walked back to my room. "Bye Darcy!" the host yelled as he waved. I turned around and moved her arm to make it look like she was waving. "I love her shirt thing!" he commented before I left the room. 

     For dinner we got McDonald's then went back to the bus. I put Darcy in her playpen for her nap. I sat on a chair and watched the guys play FIFA. "You wanker!" Niall yelled in disgust as he threw his controller on the couch. Liam and Louis were laughing like crazy at the Irish lads short temper only because they had won the game and Niall and Zayn's team lost. Zayn was taking the loss better than Niall. I was about to tell Niall to quiet down when Darcy started to cry which caused him to shut up. "Go shut her up," I told Niall with a death glare. "But A-" "No buts!" I interrupted. He sighed then went to take care of the baby. "Oh snap!" Zayn laughed. I shot him the death glare causing him to shut up. "That's what I thought," I smirked as I got up to check on Niall. He was playing his guitar and singing a song. When he saw that she was asleep, he stood up then walked to the door. "Sorry," he blushed. "It's fine," I smiled as I gave him a hug. We walked out then went back to watch the game. As annoying as the guys get, I still love them. <3

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