Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


11. The Aftermath

A/N: So guys this chapter may be emotional just to warn you. So keep the tissue in hand. xxAlexa


*Harry's P.O.V.*

     As soon as Ali fell to the ground, I punched this Alec dude right in the jaw. I fell to the ground next to Ali. "Al?" I said as loudly as I could while I shook her. I saw her shirt starting to turn red. "You did this!" I yelled to Alec. "No I didn't!" "Then who did it?" I retorted. "Stop it!" Stacey yelled. "Right now we need to focus on Ali!" Soon, paramedics rushed into the house. They put her on the stretcher then wheeled her out. The police came in. "We would like to get your side of the story," a short, fat officer said. "Long story short, he did it," I pointed to Alec. "Now can I go see my fiance?" "Well we would like the whole-" "God damn it! Just arrest him already!" I yelled before I stormed out. I ran to the house to grab the keys. Everyone was waiting in the living room. "Is-" Eleanor spoke up. "She got shot," I wept as I grabbed my keys. "I'll drive," Lou offered. I nodded. Lou, El, Li, Zay, and Amy crammed into my car while Niall walked over next door to go with Stacey. I cried on Zayn's shoulder in the back. She was my everything. "Does her family know?" Eleanor asked. I shook my head. "They might call them when she gets there," Lou offered his insight. 

     The car didn't even come to a complete stop when I ran out. Zayn quickly followed. I ran right to the receptionist desk in the ER. "Can I see Alison Edwards?" I quickly asked. "She's in surgery right now sir," the old lady said after she typed something on the computer. "She'll be taken right to the ICU when she gets out." I nodded. Zayn grabbed my arm so I would run off. We calmly walked to the elevator. I sat right by the desk in the ICU. My leg was bouncing a mile a minute. The gang shortly joined us. After what felt like an eternity, I heard the elevator open then something being wheeled. I turned around to see Ali...but it she didn't look like her. Her skin was pale in contrast to her tanned skin that I've come to love. The smile that never left her lips was gone. I heard Eleanor gasp. "Mr. Styles, you can go see her if you would like," a nurse told me. "I'll come with you," Liam said. I nodded thanks as I followed the nurse. I gasped when I saw Ali. She was hooked up to all these machines. I walked to her bed side then grabbed her hand. Her hand was freezing. I felt like I was looking at a machine, not the love of my life. "Ali, I just want you to know that I will be sitting here waiting for you to wake up," I whispered to her. I saw Liam wipe away a tear that had escaped his eye. There was a knock on the door. I looked up to see Stacey with Ali's parents. "My baby!" her mother wept. "Shh Anna, it's fine," her husband comforted her. They stayed for a while then went to the room that the patients' family could stay. Liam sat on the couch in the room then fell asleep a few minutes later. I put my head on the edge of the bed then fell sleep. 

     I woke up a few minutes later hoping to see Ali awake but it was a false hope. I sighed then looked at Liam and saw him staring at me. "She's gonna wake up soon," he smiled to me.  "I hope that you're right," I muttered under my breath. A nurse came in to check her out. "She should wake up soon," she smiled. I felt like a child on Christmas morning when she told me that. My eyes never left hers. Her parents had alson came in. I felt her hand twitch. I looked back to see her mom's mouth open. "Come on babe," I whispered. A doctor had come in a few minutes before her eyes opened. "Hi Ali," the aging doctor smiled. "Just let me take this out then you have to answer a couple questions." After xhe took out the object that was helping her breathe, the doctor asked questions, recording her answers with a recorder. "What's your full name sweetie?" "Alison Jane Edwards," she smiled. "Birthday?" "May 15th 1994." "What is the last thing you remember?" "The last thing I remember is getting shot by my ex boyfriend." "And what is his name?" the doctor asked. "Alec Moore." "Alright Alison thank you," she smiled before she left. I gave Ali a hug. "I missed you," I whispered in her ear, a couple tears escaped my eyes. "Don't cry! You're going to make me cry!" she giggled. 

     "How do you feel baby doll?" Mrs. Edwards asked. "Peachy," Al smiled. "Good," Mr. Edwards smiled. Everyone else crowded into the room to see Ali awake. "Now I know what zoo animals feel like," she joked. Yep, my Ali was back. :)

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