Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


9. The Advantages of Babysitting

*Harry's P.O.V.*

    While I was waiting for Lou, our hair and make-up person, to drop off Lux I texted Al to see if she wanted to hang out. She told me she would be over as soon as she got home from shopping with Stacey. There was a knock on the door a few minutes later so I thought it was Ali. "Hi," Lou smiled. "Hey," I grinned. "Thank you so much for watching her," Lou said as she handed me her daughter. "Anytime. Now go have fun." She waved good-bye then walked back to her car. "So what are we doing today Lux?" "Movie?" she asked. "We'll watch movie when Ali gets her," I told her. She gave me a questioning look aftet the name Ali. "My girlfriend silly," I laughed as I placed her on the couch. I turned on the telly to a kids' show then took out my laptop. I saw that Ali tweeted "Paparazzi suck >.<" "Amen babe #speakinthetruth" I replied.

     I heard the front door open. "Hey babe!" I yelled. "Hey," she called back. I heard her footsteps go to the kitchen. I got up and saw her making tea. "Rough day?" I asked. "The fu-" "Don't use the f-word! I don't like it," I interpreted her. "Fine. The stupid paparazzi wouldn't stop following me and Stacey. At first, she was enjoying it. Ten minutes later she flipped on them for following us," she sighed. "Why don't you go sit on the couch, I'll bring out some tea and chocolate, then we can watch Shrek," I said, massaging  her shoulders. "Why Shrek?" she giggled. "Unca Harrwe!" Lux yelled. "Oh my god is that Lux?" she squealed. I nodded. "I'm coming babe!" I yelled back to her. Ali sped walked to the living room to see Lux. "Hi Lux," she cooed. "I'm Ali. Can you say Ali?" "Alwe," Lux giggled. "Close enough. Do you wanna watch Shrek?" Lux nodded her head. "Do you want some apple juice?" I asked her. She nodded her head again so I went to the kitchen to get Lux and Ali their drinks. I gave Ali Lou's Yorkshire Tea cup and Lux a pink sippy cup with dogs all over it. When I came back into the room, Al had already started the movie.

*Ali's P.O.V.*

     After the first movie, we had lunch then went to the beach. I helped Lux build the world's best sand castle. I heard the camera on Harry's phone click as was put a little umbrella that you put in drinks as the flag. "Let me guess that's going on Instagram?" I asked. "You're good," he smiled. "Take a better one!" I whined as I took off my running shorts and flowy top to revel my bikini. I picked Lux up then walked to where the water ran over your feet. We faced the ocean. I heard Harry's camera go off so I turned back around. I walked to where Harry was standing to look at the picture."I like that," I smiled. He his the share button then walked back to our towel so I could another coat of sunblock on her. When I sat her down, a yawn escaped her lips. "Looks like someone's ready for a nap," Harry smiled. I carried Lux while Harry carried all the things that we brought. 

     I tucked Lux into Harry's bed then went downstairs to hang out with Hazz. We watch some football on the telly. I didn't realize until now how much I missed playing. "You alright?" he asked in a concerned tone. "Just missing soccer," I sighed. "Why?" he asked. "I can't play any more because I dislocated my knee to many times." "Aww babe!" Harry cried, giving me a hug. "Shh! Lux is sleeping!" I hushed him. "You know, you're really good with kids," he commented out of the blue. "Well I used to watch my baby cousin for money all the time," I confessed. "You know, I think you would make a great mom," he smiled before he kissed. I instantly kissed back. We made out for a couple minutes then went back to watching the game. He did the oh-so cheesy fake yawn move. Once his arm was around me, I cuddled up to him. I started to plan out my future with Harry. Was he really the one that I wanted to settle down with? He's a great guy, don't get me wrong but him being on tour would scare me. What if he cheated on me? What if he found someone better than me? 'Stop thinking about that Alison Jane' I told myself. 'Worry about that stuff when the time comes.' I just hope that it never comes....

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