Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


7. Open Mic Night

*Ali's P.O.V.*

    I had a little date night between me and Harry planed out. "What's for dinner?" Stacey asked when I came in. "Lasagna," I smiled as I walked to the freezer. "You always make that!" she whined. "Well do you want to make supper?" I asked as I got our food out of the box. "Continue," she nodded before she left. "That's what I thought!" I yelled after her. After I placed the tray in the oven, I told Stace to watch the meal. She nodded, he eyes not leaving the T.V. She was watching Magic Mike for literally the 1,000th time only for Chanting Tatum. I would be watching it with her but I had to get ready for me and Harry's date. I changed into a pair of white short shorts from Hollister and a light green shirt from Jack Wills. I slipped on my black flip-flops before I walked to the bathroom to put on some mascara. I looked at myself in the mirror for a couple minutes to make sure I looked alright before I sprayed my lucky perfume on myself. 

     "So who's the lucky man tonight?" Stacey asked as I walked into the room. "I have no clue what you're talking about," I replied. "You only where your Enchanted perfume when you go out on a date." Damn she was good. "Let me guess, it's with Harry." "How are you so good at this?" I giggled. "Cause I know you like the back of my hand," she smirked. I rolled my eyes then they widened. "Let me guess, you forgot to set up your meeting place?" "God damn it stop that!" I yelled as I grabbed the bag I bring with me to work. I had bought some candles on my way home. I walked down during sunset. I laid out a blanket that I had quickly found in the house. I placed the candles around the blanket then lit them. Once everything was in order, I sat on the blanket and watched the sunset. "Nice view eh?" a slow voice said behind me. I whipped around to see Harry standing behind me with his hands in his pockets. I patted a spot on the blanket, signalling him to sit next to me. I heard a sigh escape his lips as he walked over to the spot beside me. "So what do you have in mind?" Harry asked. "I thought we could walk on the boardwalk." "Sounds good to me," he said getting up. He held out his hand which I gladly took. I moved all of the stuff to my lifeguard chair. 

      We walked hand in hand on the boardwalk. "Look babe!" Harry pointed to a sign outside of a bar. 'Open Mic Night' it read. Before I could protest, he dragged me into the bar. We sat in the front of the stage. "You should go up there," Harry whispered. "And why should I?" I questioned. "I have a feeling that you're a good singer," he winked at me. "I told you I sing at cafes when I was drunk didn't I?" "Yepp," he smiled. I rolled my eyes as I stood up to go put a song in. "What's your name sweetie?" the man behind the bar asked. "Ali," I smiled. "What are you singing?" "The unplugged version of DNA by Little Mix." The man nodded then told me that I was next. I nodded then went back to Harry. "I'm next," I nervously smiled. What felt like only seconds, it was my turn to perform. "Hi, my name's Ali and I'll be singing the unplugged version of DNA by Little Mix," I said nervously. The music started to play. I looked at Harry which made me less nervous. When the song finished, I received a standing ovation. I looked back at Harry and saw his wide open. I walked out off the stage and to Harry who gave me a huge hug. "That was great," he whispered in my hair. We walked out before people could bombard me with questions. We walked back to my house hand in hand.

     "So are we-" I cut him off by kissing his lips. They were connected for what felt like an eternity. I could feel sparks between us. "Get a room!" Stacey yelled. "Well if you insist," I joked. "Not in here!" she whined. "God Stace! I was only kidding!" "Well I will see you tomorrow. Make sure you bring your appetite," he winked before he left. I sighed as I watched him leave. I walked back to my room, feeling like I was on cloud nine. That was the best date in my life. :)

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