Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


35. Officially a Daddy's Girl

*Ali's P.O.V.*

*Two Months Later*

     A couple weeks after we went to visit Harry on tour, we came back home. It felt great to be back home in London. Harry came back last month and we had been inseparable ever since. Darcy was laying on her play mat while Harry was making cookies no reason. Darcy was babbling as always. I picked her up and sat her on my lap. "So little chatter box can you say mama yet?" I asked her with a giggle. She just smiled. "Come on Darc. Say it," I encouraged her. Harry came into the room with his face into his phone. "Dada!" Darcy cheered causing Harry's head to snap up to look at his daughter. "Oh I see how it is Darc!" I gasped. "Dada!" she called again. Harry ran over to her and picked her up. "What princess?" he asked when his daughter when she was in his arms. She just smiled at her father. "Darcy who's that?" he asked pointing to me. She went on to her usual babbling. Well that stung a bit. "Darc who's that?" he said again. "Mama," she smiled. I felt proud tears come to my eyes. I took out my phone and tweeted: "@AliJEdwards: u know ur daughters a daddy's girl when her first words are dada. Right @Harry_Styles?" Harry carried Darc to the kitchen with him to check on the cookies. He back out then sat on the couch. "She's growing up," Harry smiled. "Seems like yesterday when she was born," I sighed. I couldn't believe she was growing up so fast! I leaned my head against Harry's shoulder. "You're getting to be a big girl," I smiled to my daughter.

     "So I have an idea," he smirked at me. "Lord have mercy," I giggled. "You're going to like this!" he said. "Well what is it?" I asked. I want to get a tattoo of Darcy's footprints on my back," he smiled. "And where are you going to get those?" I asked. "Birth Certificate," he said as it was soo obvious. "I guess that's a good idea," I weakly smiled. "You can get one too while we're at it," he smiled. "Woahh there Styles," I giggled. "Let's not rush into things." "Fine," he sighed. "Let me guess you have an appointment set up for tomorrow or something," I giggled. "Two days from now," he smirked. "How did I know?" I smiled before I kissed his cheek. Harry took Darcy took her up to her room to take a nap while I watched TV. 

     "Ready?" the tattooed covered man asked me a couple days after Harry had the conversation about tattoos. I was getting the infinity sign with family on the one loop on my right shoulder. I was a little nervous about the pain I would feel when the needle met my skin. "You're going to be fine," Harry whispered in my ear. Darcy was spending the day with her Uncle Zack and his new girlfriend Kara. She seemed like a nice girl even though I talked to her for a minute. I nodded my head when I was ready so the man fired up the needle. I felt a little pinch on my shoulder. It lasted about 30 minutes when the guy finished. "Alright you can go look in the mirror," he said as he wiped off the area that he had just tattooed. I held a mirror in my hand and positioned it so I could see the tattoo. "How does it look?" the guys asked. "I love it," I smiled. "Thank you so much," I grinned as I gave him a hug. I put my shirt back on then went to check on Harry. His tattoo was almost done and I have to say that it looked amazing. "Like what you see?" Harry asked when he saw me staring at his tattoo. "I love it!" I smiled. It was another 10 minutes until he was done. When he saw it, his eyes lit up. We paid for our tattoos then went back to the flat. "Let me see your tattoo," Harry told me. I sighed as I took off my shirt to show him the tattoo. "I like it," he smiled. I put my shirt back on then sat next to Harry on the couch. 

     Zack brought Darc back around 5. Kara shyly followed. "Darcy!" I cooed when I saw my daughter. "Mama," she smiled. I got up then put her in my arms. "Hi angel," I smiled. "Hey Ali," Zack chuckled. "Haha. Very funny." "Kara you don't have to be shy," Harry said. Kara was standing by the door. "It's fine we're going to just drop her off anyways," Zack spoke for his girlfriend. "Well it was nice to meet you Kara," I smiled. "You too Ali," she shyly said. They left in an awkward silence. "Babe are you hungry?" I asked Harry. "Yeah," he sighed. "Here hold her while I figure something out," I told him as I handed him our daughter. I walked to the kitchen to see what we had in the kitchen. After about then minutes of searching, I called a local pizza place and ordered a pizza. I sat back on the couch. I went back to cuddling with my family on the couch until the pizza guy came. Harry put Darcy on her play mat then went to pay for the pizza. We ate pizza and watched a stupid Lifetime movie since nothing else was on. While I took the plates out to the kitchen to throw away the plates, I started to process the things that had happened the past year: I met Harry Styles, we started dating, I took a bullet for him, we got engaged, we had a beautiful baby girl, we had also survived the a summer romance, the hate from the fans, and a break up. I knew that we were made for each other because no matter what bump was in the way. "Ali?" Harry yelled from the living room. "You alright babe?" "I'm fine Harry," I smiled as I walked back into the living room. I gave Harry a kiss on the check then told him I loved him. "I love you too Alison," he smiled as he wrapped his arm around me.


A/N: Welp guys.....this was the last chapter. But don't worry! There's going to be a sequel. So stay tuned for that. I just want to thank everyone for reading this and giving me feed back. You guys are AMAZING! I love each and everyone of you guys. :) xxAlexa

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