Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


2. Move In Day

     "Promise you're going to call us every night," my mom wept as I finished packing my car. "Yes mom!" I sighed. She had like this all day. Dad had been locked in the basement probably watching some stupid T.V. show. My younger brother Scott kept peeking out his bedroom window, checking to see if I left. He wasn't doing it so he could give me a good bye. He was only doing it to see if he could move all of his stuff into my room and then use his room as a little hang out for his football buddies. "Is that everything?" Mom choked out. "I think so. I'm just going to double check." I walked up the familiar stairs to the room that I had lived in for the last two years. I knocked on Scott's door. "Hang on man," he said before he opened to door. "I'm gonna miss you Scotty!" I smiled before I gave him a hug. "Let go of me Al!" he whined. "What am I going to do with out my baby brother?" "Stop it Ali!" "Awww. Am I embarrassing you while you're on the phone?" "Yes! No go hang out with your corner buddy." Scott and Zack always called Stacey my corner buddy because we were demeaned the school whores when in reality, she's the slut in this friendship. I rolled my eyes then let go. I walked to my now empty bedroom. It reminded me of the first day I came here. I didn't see anything I needed so I walked downstairs to the basement to tell my dad good bye. 

     I opened the door and heard him crying. "Hi! My name is Ali and I'm going to be singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," I heard my voice cheer on the TV. "Hey daddy," I called in a whisper once I got off the stairs. "Hey champ," he replied with a raspy voice. "I'm about leave." "Just be careful out there alright," he sternly told me as he got out of his old recliner. "Yes dad," I sighed. "Good," he smiled. "Now-" "I will call you guys every chance I get," I completed. "You know the drill. Well I'll let you hit the road." I gave him a hug. I was close to my dad. I could tell him almost everything. "Be careful princess." I looked him in the eye and saw that they were filled to the brim with tears. "Bye," I managed to choke out. I walked back up the stairs and was greeted by our Border Collie named Hope. "I'll see you later," I reassured her. Well I think I was reassuring myself more than her. Hope cocked her head in confusion. I patted her head then walked to the front door, looking over my shoulder before I left. 

      Mom was still outside waiting for me. "Did you say good bye to everyone?" she asked with her sadness returning. "Yeah." "Well I hope you have fun." "We will mom," I smirked at the plans the she didn't know about. I got in my car then backed out of the driveway. I honked my horn as I drove past the house. I stopped at the Starbucks to wake myself for the two hour drive. I called my brother Zack while I sat and some lunch. "I'm gonna miss you Al," he sighed. He had decided to come home for the summer to keep mom company while I was gone. We talked for a couple more minutes before he had to go. I sighed then left. I plugged my phone into the car's audio so I had something to listen to. I had my One Direction playlist on repeat. 

When I finally reached the beach house, I was shocked that Stace could afford that. Then I remembered her dad was a lawyer. I parked my car in the left garage. Stace was on the phone with whom I presumed were her parents. "Yeah she just got here," she told the person on the other end. "I'll be sure to tell her that." She threw her Blackberry on the couch. "Soo guess who's in town," she said in a weird voice. "Who?" I questioned. "Your curly haired lover."

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