Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


17. Everything Might Be Alright

*Ali's P.O.V.*

I woke up the next morning then ran to the bathroom to puke out my guts again. I felt my someone pick my hair then rub my back. When I was done, I wiped my mouth before I turned to face Harry. "Thanks," I smiled. "Any time love," he smiled before he kissed my forehead. I brushed my teeth then got changed into my uniform. "Did I ever tell you how cute you look in that?" Harry smirked as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "No," I giggled. "Well you look cute in it," he told me before he kissed my neck. "Hazz Stop," I giggled. He sighed as he stopped. "Do you mind if take a shower?" Harry asked. "Nope," I smiled. "If you need me I'll be downstairs," I told him as I walked downstairs

     I heard footsteps come down the steps a few minutes later so I thought it was Harry. "Morning," Stacey greeted. "Hey," I replied dully. "Listen, I'm sorry about yesterday," she sighed. I ignored her. If she wanted to be a bitch, I could be the same way. "Ali please talk to me," she whined. She knows how much I hate it when people try to force the other person to forgive them. Thank god Harry came down. "Hi Stacey," he smiled when he saw my roommate as he did his infamous hair flip. "Hi Harry," she smiled back. "Well I'm going to work. Hazz do you want to walk me there?" I asked with puppy-dog eyes. "I guess," he sighed. "Bye Stace," Harry smiled. "Bye," she replied sad voice. Harry and I walked to the little cafe hand in hand. There shockingly wasn't any paparazzi to bug us. When we got to the cafe, Harry gave me a kiss on the forehead then left. "Well someone seems happy," Anna joked when I came in. "Harry and I are back together," I squealed. "No!" she gasped. "Mhm," I nodded. "Ali that's great!" she smiled before she hugged me. A man cleared his throat so I took his order. I saw him occasionally look me from head to toe while I got his order. "Here you go," I smiled as I handed him his cup and sandwich. "That's beautiful," he winked before he walked to a table. "Oh Ali," Anna winked. "," I said the last part with a straight face  

     When my shift was about over, Harry came in to order his usual. He paid with his credit card like always then picked out a table away from people so we could talk about things in semi privacy. After I clocked out, I sat across from Harry. "So how are you feeling?" he asked as he stirred his tea. "Better than this morning," I replied honestly causing a smile to appear on his face. "So, I thought you might want this back," he shyly said as he dug around in his pocket. My jaw dropped when he pulled out the engagement ring that he gave me what felt like years ago. He slipped it on my finger and I just stared at it in awe. It was even more beautiful then I remembered. I was as speechless as I was when he first gave it to me.

      We stayed until Harry finished his meal then we walked back to his beach house. I could hear Liam's voice from upstairs so I thought he was Skyping or on the phone with Dani. I sat on the couch and Harry followed suit. "Oh, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment," I told him with a wink. "What time?" he asked. "Noon I think." "I can't come," he said in an apologetic tone. "But Harry!" I whined. "I'm sorry babe. We have to finish our album." I sighed then put my head on his shoulder. He stroked my hair to comfort me.

*The Next Day*

    When I came home from Harry's, Stacey and I made up. She offered to come with me to my appointment to check on the baby. In the waiting room, I saw a woman in her thirties giving me the death glare. "Can we help you?" Stacey asked her causing me to slap her arm. The lady just rolled her eyes and went back to reading her magazine. Five minutes later, a nurse called my name. We stood up and followed her to a room at the end of the hall. A middle aged woman came into the room once I got situated. "Hi, my name is Doctor Meltzer," the woman said, extending her hand to me. I shook it then introduced myself and Stacey. "So have you had any problems?" Dr. Meltzer asked. "No ma'am," I smiled. "Alright are you ready to see your baby?" she asked. I nodded. She stood up then lifted my shirt to reveal my stomach. She walked over to the counter to grab a bottle of that goo stuff. "Alright this may be a little cold," she warned me before he placed it on. Once it was on, she grabbed a device that look like the thing you use at the grocery store to scan the price of an object then put it on my stomach. She stopped then pointed out a little blab on the screen. "There's your baby," she smiled. "It's so small!" Stace blurted out. "Because Miss Edwards is only a few weeks along," Dr. Meltzer explained. "Would you like the picture?" she asked. I nodded then she pushed a button. I'll be right back with that then we can talk about things," she told us before she left the room. 

     In the car, I decided to call me and Harry's families to tell then the good news. First up was my parents. "Hello?" Zack answered. "Hey big bro! Is mum and dad there?" "Yeah why?" "Tell them that I have big news then put me on speaker phone," I instructed him. I heard him yell what I told him. "What's the news baby girl? mum asked. "I'm pregnant," I said shyly. There was a silence on the other end. "That's great honey," mum said in an angry tone. "You guys are made at me aren't you?" I sobbed. "No babe! We're not mad. We're disappointed," dad clarified. That was even worse than anger in my book. I hung up and continued sobbing. I thought that they would be happy that they were going to have a grandchild. Maybe I was wrong..

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