Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


33. Date Night

*Harry's P.O.V.*

    I got up early to make Ali breakfast but ended up making it for everyone. Ali came out with Darcy in her arms. "I'll take her," I smiled. She nodded in her half wake state. "Let Uncle Louis hold her!" Louis whined with arm around El. I sighed then handed him the baby. "Darcy," Lou said trying to get her to smile. I rolled my eyes as I walked back to Ali. "So what are your plans for today Mr. Styles?" she asked me as she sipped   her on her coffee. "Well I was going to spend the day with my my two favorite girls then spend the night with my beautiful fiance," I told her with a smirk. She giggled then finished her breakfast. "Where to first?" she asked. "The park," I smiled. She nodded then walked back to the bedroom. "I'll take my daughter back," I smiled to Lou. "But she's so cute," he whined. "Just like her father," I smirked. Lou started laughing as he handed me Darc. Ali was in a pair of short shorts with the Union Jack on the left side and a shirt from Hollister that had Live While We're Young lyrics. She was putting on her Vans when I came into the room. I handed her Darc then got dressed in a pair of dark skinny jeans and an old band t-shirt. Darc was wearing a shirt with a Pop-Tart on it with a pair of striped leggings and a pair of little Converse. 

     When we got to the park, there wasn't very many people there. Ali took Darcy to the swing first. Darc was giggling up a storm. "Daddy why don't you push her," Ali said. I nodded then walked behind and I pushed her. When I stopped her, her bottom lips quivered signaling she was about to cry. "Shhh. We're going to go down the slide!" I cheered. Ali was on the phone on the other side of the park. I walked to the slide then sat her on my lap then went down the slide. She was giggling like crazy. Ali came back with a smile. "What?" I asked. "She's going to be a daddy's girl," I smiled. "Wanna go to the zoo?" I asked. "I think she would like that," Ali smiled. I nodded then walked back to the stroller. I called Paul and asked him if he could take us. "Fine," he sighed. "Thank you Paul. We love you," I smiled before he hung up. "Well that was rude!" I huffed as I put my phone back in my pocket. We waited by the road for the black Ford SUV to show up. 

     When the vehicle finally showed up, we put Darc in her car seat then sat on either side of her.Paul parked the car then we followed him around the zoo. Of course I took pictures of Darc looking at the animals. We spent the rest of the day looking at the animals with Paul following us. "Ready to go?" I asked when I saw Darcy struggling to keep her eyes open. "I guess," Ali smiled. "Chauffeur!" I said, turning around to Paul. "You're pushing it Styles," he glared at me with a finger pointed at me. I chuckled as I followed him to the car.

*Ali's P.O.V.*

    On the bus, Josh Devine, the One Direction drummer was waiting for us. "Hey," Josh smiled. "Hi," I smiled back. "You guys ready to watch this party animal?" Harry asked with Darcy in his arms. Josh nodded. "Where's everyone else?" I asked, looking around the empty bus. "On the other bus. You guys have the bus for the rest of the night alone," he winked. Harry chuckled then handed him the baby. "Here's her diaper bag. Everything should be in there but I would grab another thing of baby food and the formula," I instructed him. "Ali, she just spending the night, not a month," Harry said, putting a hand on my shoulder. I blushed. "Well take good care of her. We promise," Josh said with a reassuring smile. Darcy was sleeping soundly as Josh walked off the bus.

     "Please don't tell me that you are going to call every 10 minutes,"  Harry sighed. "I get concerned," I defended myself. He chuckled as he rolled his eyes. "Go get ready babe," he instructed. I nodded then walked back to the room. I quickly changed into the dress then did my hair and make up. I walked out to see Harry watching TV. When he saw me, his jaw dropped. "Babe, you look......Wow." I shyly giggled. He walked back then quickly changed then we were off. 

     Harry had gotten reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant. "Hi," the man behind the podium smiled. "Name please?" "Harry Styles." "Right this way sir," he smiled. We were escorted to a romantically lit room. "Wow," I gasped. "You're welcome," Harry whispered in my ear. "Maybe you will get lucky tonight," I whispered before I walked to the a chair. He stood there for a second to take in what I said then took a seat across from me. "Hi my name is Miranda. What can I get you guys to drink?" "I'll have red wine," I smiled. "Beer," Harry said. "Alrighty," the waitress smiled as she wrote down the drinks. "Wine?" Harry asked with a cocked eyebrow. "Beer?" I said with the same look. We laughed then went back to looking through the menu. Miranda came back with our drinks then took our orders. "So how are your parnets?" Harry asked, trying to make conversation. "Good. They said that they miss us." "What did you do wrong?" he asked with a chuckle. I shrugged my shoulders then laughed.

     "You can call them now," he sighed. I grinned as I took my phone out of my purse. I called Liam knowing that out of the guys, he was most likely at the bus. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey Liam," I cheerfully replied. "Hey Ali! How's the date goin'?" "Good. We're just waiting for the food to come out. How's my angel doing?" "Darcy's fine! She's in her playpen sleeping." "Any problems?" "Yes," he sighed. "Oh no what?" I quickly asked. Multiple bad scenarios kept running through my mind. "You aren't enjoying your date!" he chuckled. "You're in big trouble Payne," I huffed before I hung up the phone. "So I have a plan for this Christmas," Harry smiled. "Already?" I asked. "Well I need to get the cabin," he said. "Continue," I said, suddenly interested. "Okay so I was planning to go to Utah and get a cabin by a ski resort." "But you do know that we can't go skiing because we don't have anyone to watch Darcy." "We can bring the guys." "Yes, I'm sure they want to watch an almost one year old while their best friend it out skiing with his fiance," I giggled. "See I knew you would be in on it," he smiled. "Let me think about it," I sighed. Our salads came out so we ate it in silence.

     After dinner we walked home. Half way there, my feet started to hurt. "Harrehh," I whined. "Feet hurt?" he asked. I nodded. He stopped then started to take off his shoes. I slipped them on then started to laugh. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Your feet are so big," I smiled. "You know what they say about big feet," he winked as he grabbed my hand. "Well you do have a big heart Hazz," I smiled, playing stupid. "I know you know what it means." "Really now?" I asked. "Yupp," he smiled. "Well then," I smiled. Back on the bus, Harry flopped down on the couch. I sat on his lap then rested my head on his shoulder. "Are you ready for bed," he said with a wink. "I'm not tired," I replied, having a total blonde moment. "Think about it for a second," he said. After a couple minutes I grasped the concept. I turned to face him then started to kiss him. We made out for a couple minutes before he carried me to the bedroom where some action went down. ;) I have to say that it was one of the best nights of my life. 

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