Summer Love *Finished*

Alison Edwards never thought that she would find love during her summer break..Until she met Harry Styles. Will their romance last longer than three short months or will it beat all of the odds?


24. Be My Date This Christmas Eve

*Ali's P.O.V.*

    "How many more do you have?" I asked Harry. We were licking envelopes that contained the invitation to our Christmas Party. We decided to use the picture with the ribbon wrapped around my stomach on the invitation and throw the other ones on the card. When we finished we walked down to the post office to mail them. After that we started to plan out the night. "Don't drink to much of Nana's eggnog," I warned Hazz. "Why?" "She puts half a bottle each of brandy, rum, and bourbon." "How do you know?" "I've helped her make it and I've had it every year since I was 13." "I really like Nana now," he laughed. "Ehh. She's ok," I shrugged. "Just make sure you hide your tattoos if you don't want a big speech about it." "Looks like I'm wearing a sweater," he chuckled. "That's probably the best idea," I smiled.

*The Next Week*

    I had been up since 7 this morning making sure we had everything before I started cooking. Harry was upstairs sleeping. There was a knock on the door around noon. "Who is it?" I yelled. "Mrs. Clause!" Nana yelled. "Come in Nan." I heard the door open then her penny loafers tread to the kitchen. "Well I'll be damned," she jokingly gasped. "I never thought I'd live to see the day that I would see you cooking." "It's only because Harry's sleeping," I told her. "Go wake him up I'll watch the food." "Thank you," I sighed as I gave her a hug. I waddled up the stairs then into our room. Harry was sprawled out on the bed. "Hazz," I whispered as I shook him. "Go away," he muttered, pulling the blanket over his head. "Nana's here and she brought the eggnog," I whispered again. He slowly got up and rubbed his eyes. "I'll be down in a second," he yawned as he got out of bed. I nodded then walked downstairs. 

     I went back to the kitchen but Nana shewed me out. "You need to rest Ali Jane," she told me. "Nan," I sighed. "Alison," she said in the same tone. "Now you just sit down and I will make you a special batch of eggnog," she smiled. "No alcohol Nan," I yelled after her. "I know, I know," she yelled back. She came out with a mug of 'nog. "Thanks," I smiled before I took a sip. It tasted good but it wasn't the same. "Hi Ethel," Harry waved when he saw Nan. "Hello Harry," she nodded. "Is that a tattoo I see?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. My head snapped over to my fiance to see that the tattoos on his lower arm peaking out. "Yes ma'am,"  he shyly said. "Do you know how that's going to look once your skin gets all wrinkly and saggy?" she asked. "No ma'am." "Down Nana!" I chimed in. She jokingly let out a growl before she started laughing. "So Harry how much cooking experience do you have?" Nan asked. "Not a lot," he laughed. "Well follow me and I will teach you everything you need to know," she said, wrapping her arm around his shoulder. I laughed then turned on the TV.

     Eleanor texted me to tell me that she was on her way with Lou's birthday cake. I got up to tell Harry. "Now you just put them in the oven," I heard Nana explain. I took out my phone and took a picture before they turned around. "What's up babe?" Hazz asked. "I just wanted to tell you that El is on her way over with the cake." "Did I hear cake?" Nana asked, turning quickly on her heels. "Keep your wig on Nan," I laughed. "When is she gonna be here?" he asked. "Soon," I grinned before I turned and went back to the living room. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Eleanor holding a medium sized box. "Well hello there stranger," I smiled. "Hey mama bear," she smiled. "Where do you want me to put this?" she asked when she got in. "Hand it to my grandmother. She's in charge of the kitchen as always," I told her causing her to giggle a bit. 

      By 6, everyone had arrived. Harry and I had changed into sweaters. "Can we eat now?" I asked Harry while I sat on his lap. "That's something I would expect Niall to say," he chuckled. "I think he's salivating on the food right now," I smiled. "Well go ask your mum and grandma if we can eat now." I sighed as I got up. "Maaaaaaaammmmm!" I whined when I got in the kitchen. "What hun?" she sighed. "I'm starving! Can we eat now?" "I guess." "Time to eat!" I yelled. Nana sat at the head of the table. I sat on her right and Harry was beside me. "Scott! Nice of you to get your head out of your phone long enough to be social," Nan joked. My brother just rolled his eyes so I kicked him. "Ow!" he cried out in pain. "Sorry, I thought that was the table leg," I said flatly with a cocked head. "Alright Lisa, would you like to say grace?" Nan asked my mother. Mum nodded then did a prayer. Niall and I were shoveling food onto our plate when it was finished. "Damn," I heard Harry whisper. "I hope you know that I'm eating for two here," I muttered to him. 

     "Who has room for dessert?" Nan asked, handing Scott a pitcher of eggnog. "Me!" Niall and I said at the same time. "El, why don't you come with me to get something for dessert," I asked my friend with a wink. "Sure," she smiled. We walked into the kitchen then got the cake ready. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded I picked up the cake then walked to the table. Harry started to sing Happy Birthday and everyone else followed. We placed it in front of him then he blew out the candles.

     Everyone had a piece then went to open presents. "I vote the mum-to-be opens first," Zayn smiled. "Sounds good to me," I smiled. Zayn handed me a handful of presents with his and Perrie's names on them. I handed Harry his and put the ones with Darcy's name on it on the side. Harry and I ripped open the presents. Then came Liam and Dani, Niall, Lou and El, Mum and Dad, Zack, Scott, and then Nana. We had gotten everything we wanted and more. When the presents were all opened everyone slowly made their way out. "Well would you look at that," Harry said. "We're under the mistletoe." I looked up and saw that he was right. I stood up on my tip-toes and gave him a kiss on his lips. He picked me up and carried me bridal style to the room. "Wanna get a shower?" he asked with a smirk. I nodded then he carried me to the bathroom.  When we were done we cuddled in bed watching my all time favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story. I cuddled close to him and took in his scent. I thought about our crazy relationship. It was all because of his stupidity. Nobody thought that we were going to be more than a summer romance but we beat the odds. I have a feeling that we're going to do a lot of this. 


A/N: Sorry if that chapter sucked. But I had to to a Christmas chapter. Haha. Welp I hope y'all enjoyed it. xxAlexa

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