1D Imagines

Write your name and your favorite One Direction member and i'll do the rest! (:


3. @Never gonna change

  "Hello, the most beautiful girl in the world."

You jokingly look around, as if Niall wasn't talking to you. You hear Niall's cute laugh as he holds your waist so your facing him and says, "Em, you know i'm talking to you!"

You love it when he gets jealous, because his voice cracks just a little. But you still feel a little guilty so you quickly apologize to him. He smiles and you can see his sea-colored eyes sparkle.

  "Can you explain to me how I got a perfect girl like you?"

Niall is so sweet, you can't help but blush... A lot. Your face turns as red as an apple and Niall laughs at you. You don't realize what's wrong and give him a confused look.

  "You look like a bright red TO-MAH-TO!"

You blush even more and look at the ground covering your face. You slightly look up at Niall and can tell that he feels bad. He grabs you hand and intwines his hand with yours. He uses his other hand to pull your waist closer to him, so your faces are 2 inches apart. He whispers in your ear so quietly you could barely make out him saying,

  "A really cute to-mah-to"

You laugh at him. He always knew how to make you feel better. He smiles at you. You stand there, staring at him. Completely intranced by his bright blue eyes, messy blonde hair, and braces. You always thought braces looked cute on guys. And before you could stop yourself, you lean in for a kiss. He was shocked and had his eyes open, but soon closed them and kissed you back.

He whispered in your ear, "I love you Em. And YOU ARE the most beautiful girl in the world. Even when your as red as a to-mah-to." You laugh at him and gives you a cute wink.

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