1D Imagines

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2. @madigree

 After a great long weekend you had to go back to dreadful school. The only good about school was getting to see your long-term boyfriend Louis. Today is your 2nd year annivesary. You walk up to your locker and slowly put in your combination, trying to waste as much time as you can before you go to homeroom.

 Before you even turn your lock, you feel two hands cover your eyes and hear a cute british accent say, "Guess who?"

 You were way to excited to guess and quickly turned around to hug Louis. He laughs, and then gives you a pouty face. You ask why, and he responds with a sassy, "you didn't guess who it is"

 You laugh at him, give him a pouty face and say sorry. Louis couldn't keep a straight face and gave into your adorable looks. He flashes you a big grin and turns around to dig in his backpack. You wonder what he's doing, but shake it off. He holds something behind his back and looks at you again.

 He says, "I actually want you to guess what it is this time."

 "Hmm.. I'm guessing it's my 2nd year anniversary present!"

 "Your a good guesser." He replies.

He pulls the present out from behind him and reveals a small velvet black box.

 You quickly say, "YOUR NOT GONNA PROPOSE, ARE YOU?"

He bends down on one knee, and says your full name. Your mouth is wide open, your heart is beating fast. You think of what your going to tell your parents. Your beginning to smile.

 "Will you..."

 Your freaking out. But is calm of the idea of settling down and having a family with Louis. He opens the box slowly and says,  

"Will you take this necklace as a 2nd year anniversary present?" 

You laugh and punch him the shoulder playfully. But you manage to say "I do."

He stands up, walks behind you and puts the 2 karat necklace around your neck gently. He then walks in front of you, places his hands around your waist and kisses you passionately. You both stand in the middle of the hallway smiling at each other until the bell for 1st period rings. Then you walk to 1st period holding hands together.

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