1D Imagines

Write your name and your favorite One Direction member and i'll do the rest! (:


4. @leenabeena80

  You watch Liam, Louis, and Harry at vocal rehearsal singing C'mon C'mon. You smile because you love this song. You smile even bigger because you love Liam more. Liam stares at you the entire time. He than starts dancing. You look around, but see everyone left.

  "Liam... What's going on...?"

  He starts dancing closer and closer to you. You laugh at him. But you feel so special that this is all for you and only you. When all of a sudden as you turn your head to the window you see a bunch of paparazzi. You turned you head to the window at the other side of the room and see even more paparazzi! You're furious. How could Liam just use you like that?

 Your face turns bright red, you slap Liam and stomp out of the room. Liam looks around the room confused at what happened. He screams at you, yelling, "Leena! Wait! Please, you have to trust that I didn't do this!"

 You don't even bother to turn around, and keep walking. Liam runs after you and grabs your hand. You know Liam is way too strong and would pull you back if you try to run away so you turn around to save time.

  "Leena, please listen to me."

  "You have 5 minutes."

  "Okay... I never asked the parazzi to come. They like to come here a lot. And I love you Leena. I would never use you like that."

 You think about what he said. You realize that it really wasn't his fault. You feel so guilty you tear up.

  "Leena please don't cry..."

  "I just feel so guilty... I'm sorry..."

He carreses your head and pushes your hair behind your ear. He cups your cheek in his hand and leans in for a kiss. He kisses you passionatley as you feel his lips condense against yours. And you feel a great relief and he picks you up and says "I love you" over and over again.

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