1D Imagines

Write your name and your favorite One Direction member and i'll do the rest! (:


1. Harry imagine ♥

 You smile as you read Harry's text.

  "Come over 2 my place @ 1. I gotta surprise 4 u. Love you. :) <3"

 He was the sweetest boyfriend ever. You wonder how you got him. Out of millions of girls who would die to have him, he picked you as the one. It was already 12:30 and you had to get ready. You figured it wasn't going to be fancy because you were just going to his place, but you still wanted to look cute. You looked all over the room for something to wear and came over Harry's sweater. You put the oversized sweater on with some black tights and Uggs.

 You quickly run outside and smelled the crisp autumn air. You loved the fall season and admired the red-leaved trees as you drove to Harry's house. You plug in One Direction's Take Me Home album and sang along to Harry's part in Little Things. That always was your favorite song.

 You step out of the car and walk up to Harry's front door when you find a note that says: "Go into the woods by the backyard. I'll be waiting for you there lovely. xx (:"

 As you walk around the house into the backyard you see a HUGE strip of woods. You walk straight into them fully trusting Harry. As you walk further and further you see no sign of Harry. Untill you feel two warm hands wrap around your waist and turn you around.

 Harry smiles at you. You love the sight of his brown curls, dimples, and glistening green eyes.

  "I was wondering if you were going to show up." He says with a smirk.

 You said wittingly back, "It would have helped if you gave me a GPS." He laughed and said, "Lets see if you have trouble finding my lips."

 He leans in and slowy closes his eyes. You slightly go on your tippy-toes since he's so tall. And your lips finally meet. Red, yellow, and orange leaves fall from the trees that linger above you. After you both pull away, you smile at each other. Both knowing that was the best kiss ever kissed by two people.

 You blush and was about to say something when Harry interuppted you with three words spoken beautifully.

"I love you." And you smile back at him symbolizing your feelings toward him. He grabs you hand and you slowly intwine your hand with his. You lean your head on his shoulder and walk back towards the house with not a care in the world. ♥



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