Behind these golden eyes.

Ever look at a girl and wonder if there's a story that is killing her? A past to terrible to mention. Something that is eating away at her day and night. No one ever expected me to have the past I had.But they all know who I am and what I did, or so they thought. They don't know what I am or what I've seen. I watched as my pack was killed, Including my mate.
I want to tell my story. But I can't, because either way, people judge you. They judge on what you have done,what you haven't done, and who you are. If only they knew the real reason.

There are a few people who acceot me, but them alone, can't allow me and my brother to enter the pack. Only the Alpha, and consent with the Beta, may allow us to join.
I came to Praxton, Wyoming, in hopes of finding a pack that will accept me for who I am.A pack that will not judge me for the acident that killed my pack.
Maybe I'll even find a new mate.


10. You Think Hes Your Mate!?!?!

"You THINK hes your mate? Vixen, this is serious. You can't just say someones your mate."Haven yelled in my head.

"Haven, I feel something. Way stronger that some crush. Have you noticed how hes acting? How his howl was way more worried than THayer's. How in dance,he wanted to be my partner. And he almosted kissed me, in front of everyone.Haven, I think we are mates."I said as I started to pace.

"Well, you better tell Thayer."was all she said.

"Why? He already hates Ryder. Why give him a reason to kill him."

"He won't kill him, because if he knows anything, he knows it will kill you."

"Yeah he knows. I had a mate before all this. When I still had a pack. He got killed with the rest of them."I said as I thought of Chase.

"I'm sorry Vix. But now, you have Ryder. And by the sound of that howl, hes going crazy trying to find you. We should howl so they can find us."she asked.

"Fine."I said. Haven let out a howl which got three howls in return.

Soon two black wolves(Thayer and Ryder) and one grey wolf were there with us.

"Shift back."I said to everyone. We seperated and shifted back.

"Vixen, I am sooo sorry!"Thayer instantly apologized.

I nodded in acceptance.He smiled and hugged me. Yeah I forgave him, but i'm still mad.

"Haven, Home. Now."Cameron sneered.

"Um... You're not the boss of me."Haven laughed.

"But I am the Alpha of this pack, so yes I am. Go home.:he growled.

"No. I want to hang out wiht my friend."she said as she stepped by me.

"Haven Marie, get your ass home now."he stepped closer.

"I'm not scared."she said.

"You should be."she growled, not even a whisper.

"Vix, c'mon. We're going home."Thayer grabbed my wrist.

"Ok, one. You don't need to drag me everywhere when you don't like it, and two, I want to hang out with Haven."I said as I yanked my wrist away.

I saw Ryder lean over and whisper something to Cameron. He thought then nodded.

Ryder walked over and wrapped his arms around both Haven and me and pulled us to the side.

"What Beta?"Haven asked. He moved his arm and instantly I was freezing with out his arm there.

"Look, Cameron is a little to hard on both of you. I know you didn't do anything, so thats why when I count to 3, we shift then run. Got it?"he said. I looked at Haven who nodded. I followed with a nod.



"3"he said and we shifted. We sprinted away, leaving the two speachless.

We ran for about ten minutes, since we could cover a ton of miles in the amount of time.

We came to a clearing, and laid down.
"So why did you trick my brother?"Haven asked.

"Don't ask. Just relax and be thankful."Ryder laughed and leaned back and closed his eyes.

I did the same, but that lasted for about two seconds when we heard growling. We shot up, and Ryder jumped in fromt of Haven and I.

"Move."the wolf sneered to Ryder.

"No."Ryder didn't move.


Then I realized who it was.

"Ryder, you can move. He won't hurt us."I said as I moved slightly, which made Ryder jump and move in front of me.

"Ryder, I know him."I whispered. I ran and shifted then walked back into the clearing.

I saw the taller guy with dark brown hair standingby Ryder who was still down  and fur raised.

I walked up and petting Ryder's head, making him relax a little more.

"Don't worry, he won't hurt me, and if he does, I'll hurt him."I said.

 I walked up to the guy and looked at his eyes.

"How?"I asked.

"I needed to leave. They didn't kill me."he smiled.

I felt a tear prick my eyes and I let them out. "Don't leave again."I said then I hugged him.

"I won't. Is Thayer here?"he asked.

"He is. He never left me.But Right now, he is probably going crazy looking for me. The three of us ran."I said.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"Haven asked as she walked up, not a wolf.

"Yeah. Who exactly are you?"Ryder sneered as he stood next to me, hand protectivly around my waist.

"Josh. Josh James. Thayer and Vix's older brother.

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