Behind these golden eyes.

Ever look at a girl and wonder if there's a story that is killing her? A past to terrible to mention. Something that is eating away at her day and night. No one ever expected me to have the past I had.But they all know who I am and what I did, or so they thought. They don't know what I am or what I've seen. I watched as my pack was killed, Including my mate.
I want to tell my story. But I can't, because either way, people judge you. They judge on what you have done,what you haven't done, and who you are. If only they knew the real reason.

There are a few people who acceot me, but them alone, can't allow me and my brother to enter the pack. Only the Alpha, and consent with the Beta, may allow us to join.
I came to Praxton, Wyoming, in hopes of finding a pack that will accept me for who I am.A pack that will not judge me for the acident that killed my pack.
Maybe I'll even find a new mate.


8. Man, I hate the Pack.

 I woke up the next morning and Thayer and I acted like nothing happened yesterday.

"Ready for another day of judgement?"I asked as I took a bite of my apple.

"Not really, but I have one more year and you have two of school. We jsut need to deal with it."Thayer sighed.

I shook my head and we walked to school. I plugged my Ipod in and placed the earbuds in my ears. I clicked to Parachute's Kiss Me Slowly.

I knew Thayer heard which song was playing so he nudged me and mouthed for me to sing.

I restarted the song and sang along with the band.I didn't mind the stares when I sing. Its different. Most of the looks were of those who were listening to me.

I smiled when the song ended. It always reminded me of Chase, my mate who got killed with the rest of them.

"Why did Chase have to go with the rest of them?"I asked as I took my ear buds out.

"I don't know Vix.He didn't deserve to die like he did. And I saw him right before he got killed. He was going crazy looking for you. He told me to tell you he loves you."Thayer said quietly.

"And you're just now telling me this?"I said, eyes open wide.

"I didn't want to upset you. "he hugged me and walked to his wings. I stood there, looking like a lost dog, wanting to know more about what Chase said. I heard the warning bell go off, and ran to make it to first hour.

"Hey Vix."Haven said as her,Meghan,Sam,and Cody walked up and took a seat at our table.

"Hey Guys."I said.

"Hows Thayer?"Sam asked.

"Good. Got into a little fight with him yesterday and took off running, but we're good now. I think. Can never be sure with him."I shrugged.

"So since we never really got to go out after school to get something to eat, why don't we go out after school? Shopping and Dinner?"Haven asked.

"Sure. Fine with us."Meghan said.

"I'm in."I smiled.


It was 7th period and my favorite class. Dance.

I always loved Dance, but never really got to do it since we had to move a lot.The seniors and juniors had it together, so Thayer and I have this class together.

"Hey Vix."he said as he came in while I was streching.

"Hey."I said.

"Ready for this class? I think they said we were doing tango."he smirked.

"My favorite."

"And they said every senior has to be paired with a junior.Remember, not Ryder."he said as he kicked my in the leg.

"Yeah Yeah. Maybe I'll go with Cameron."I laughed.

"Yeah, I'd love to see that."he laughed and helped me up.

I walked over to Haven who was talking with Sam.

"So who are you going to pair up with?"Haven asked as she bounced slightly. She loved dance.

"Well, It can't be Ryder.Or Cameron. Or Cody.Maybe they will pair me with someone."I sighed.

'Well, I'm hoping Jackson will be paired with me.m Hes so cute."Sam smiled over at Jackson.

"Haven, who would you like to pair up with?"I asked.

"Don't kill me, but Thayer."she said quietly.

"Do you like Thayer?"I asked a little too loud.

"SHH!"she giggled as she covered my mouth."A little.Don't you dare tell him!"

I laughed and she blushed. She really like Thayer. I could tell."OK

class. Everyoone must be paired up. One Senior and one Junior."The teacher said as he clapped his hands to get out attention.


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