Behind these golden eyes.

Ever look at a girl and wonder if there's a story that is killing her? A past to terrible to mention. Something that is eating away at her day and night. No one ever expected me to have the past I had.But they all know who I am and what I did, or so they thought. They don't know what I am or what I've seen. I watched as my pack was killed, Including my mate.
I want to tell my story. But I can't, because either way, people judge you. They judge on what you have done,what you haven't done, and who you are. If only they knew the real reason.

There are a few people who acceot me, but them alone, can't allow me and my brother to enter the pack. Only the Alpha, and consent with the Beta, may allow us to join.
I came to Praxton, Wyoming, in hopes of finding a pack that will accept me for who I am.A pack that will not judge me for the acident that killed my pack.
Maybe I'll even find a new mate.



Hey guys! Just thought I'd post a character list since I'm really bored.If you have any questions about the characters, please feel free to ask! (Ps I know the eye colors don't match the people, just live with it! It can't be perfect!)  Well, here ya go!

Vixen James-Sasha Pieterse

Thayer James-Callan McAuliffe

Ryder Green-Chris Zylka

Haven Mines-Taylor Hay

Cameron Mines-Jensen Ackles

Meghan Heller-Alexandra Chando

Cody Martin-Thomas Dekker

Samantha(Sam) Young-Brittany Robertson

(Flash backs)

Vera James-Cameron Diaz

Henry James-Brad Pitt

Josh James-Jared Padalecki



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