Niall Horan Fan Fiction







4. Would He Really?

You and Niall are sweating from dancing so you guys sit down. "Wow, that was fun" You say. "Yeah" Niall says wiping sweat off his forehead. You guys sit in silence for a while. You eventually see Niall staring at something. You look in that direction, and see a tall Blonde girl. She was so pretty. "Niall? Niall.... Niall!" You scream. "Yeah what?" He says looking at you. "Nevermind, go flirt with that girl your staring at" You say taking your punch and dumping it on Niall's head. "What the hell?" Niall says. "Leave me alone and never talk to me again" You say walking away. Niall runs after you, but you slip off your heels and run away from him. You hide in the girl's bathroom thinking that Niall won't come in there. Luckily, he didn't. All that love you gave him and that's how he repays you. You wipe your tears away, and fix your makeup in the mirror. You walk out with your heels back on and makeup fixed. You see Niall cleaned up, and kissing that blonde girl. You purposely bump into Niall, walking away. While walking past him, you mutter, "Fuck you" in his ear. You run to Niall's car and realized it is locked. "Shit, that bitch" You say. You sit outside crying. A girl walks out, and sees you. "Aw, hon you ok?" She says. "No I'm not" You say. "Is it because of a guy?" She says. "Yeah what a bitch am I for thinking he loved me." You say. "Well hon, whats your name?" "(Y/N)" You say. "I'm Heidi, nice to meet you" Heidi says. "Nice to meet you too" You say. "You need a ride home?" "Yeah thanks" You say and Heidi gives you a ride home.

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