Niall Horan Fan Fiction







2. The Perfect House Date

*Few Hours Later*

Your at home snuggling up a blanket, while reading a book. You get a call, while thinking 'I'm in the middle of a great part in my book!' But you answer it. "Um hello who is this?" You say. "This is Niall, uhh did I get the wrong number?" "No it's the girl that tripped and broke her glasses haha" You say. "Oh... yeah... sorry about that..." Niall says. "So why did you call? Something wrong?" You say. "Yeah something is wrong. I think I fell in love with a girl I just met today" Niall says. "Really? Who?" You say, confused. "It's you, silly" Niall says, laughing. "Oh hehe wow I feel stupid." You say. "So mind if I come over?" Niall says. "Not at all" And you tell him your adress. In about ten minutes, he's at your hourse. You guys talk all night while watching movies and kissing. You enjoyed Niall's presence, but you were sad when he had to go in the morning.

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