Niall Horan Fan Fiction







3. Niall, The Hero (Mature Readers)

Niall decided to have another date later tonight at 7pm. You were running around the house getting ready trying to look perfect. He finally arrived almost exactly on time. You heard the doorbell ring and rushed to get to the door. When you opened it, Niall was smiling and had roses in his hand. "Hi (Y/N), you look astonishing!" Niall says. "Why thank you and so do you." You say blushing. Niall escorted you to the limo, like a gentleman and held the door open for you. You hopped in and the driver drove off. "So where are we going?" You say. "Just to a club downtown" Niall says. "Ok sounds good" You say. You finally arrive, and get out. Niall takes your hand, showing that you were his and only his. You guys dance for a while and decide to go sit down. "I'm gonna go get us some punch I'll be right back babe" Niall says. "Ok" You say smiling. As your waiting, a guy sits in Niall's seat. "Hey there hot stuff" The guy says smirking. "Hi...." You say. "What's your name?" He says. "That is none of your business. Bitch." You say while getting up and walking away. He follows you cornering you in a corner. "Come on baby don't be so harsh, just let me grind you tonight" He says putting his hands on your waist. "NIALL!!!! PLEASE COME HERE!!!" You scream. Niall runs over and sees the guy. "And who might you be shortie?" The guy says. "Niall fucking Horan. Step away from my girlfriend before I make you." Niall says grabbing your hand. "She's not going anywhere, she's with me right sexy?" He says looking at you. "No you ugly bastard of a bitch" You say and stick up the finger to him and walk away. "Niall, I was so scared!" You said. "It's ok, just what did he say to you?" Niall says of course looking mad. "He said.. that he wanted to grind me tonight." You say crying. "Fuck him, I'll grind you on the dancefloor how about that?" Niall says smirking. "That makes me feel better." You say laughing. "Then lets go" He says taking you to the dancefloor. In about 2 minutes, you and Niall are just full out grinding on each other like their's no tomorrow. Niall keeps whispering dirty things in your ear, sending goosebumps down your spine.

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