Niall Horan Fan Fiction







5. Home Sweet Home

You say thank you to Heidi and run inside. You take your coat off, your heels, and slip off your dress just walking upstairs to crawl into bed and just sleep. You awake that morning with 57 new text messages and 36 calls. You check. All from Niall. You text Niall back saying, "Leave me alone you fucking little bitch of a bastardous shithead" Niall replys right away. "I'm sorry. Really I am, and I only want you. Please take me back I need you, your the only reason I live for everyday." "NIALL. WHY?!?!?!?" You text back.


***2 Years Later***

You haven't seen Niall since that night. You figured he forgot about you. You found a new boyfriend. His name was David, he was the best. He always treats you right, always texts you before bed and as soon as he wakes up. Your life could not get any better than it already was. Or so you thought.

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