Niall Horan Fan Fiction







1. Love At First Sight

You are shopping for some clothes with the money you earned from working at your favorite restaurant, Nando's. You are at the local mall, and you walk in to Hollister. You start looking at all the cute clothes you could buy. You check your phone while walking over to the jean section. You accidently bump into a cute blonde guy. You trip and fall, and break your glasses. The guy helps you up. "Oh love I'm so sorry there!" He says in a cute Irish accent. You get up and take your glasses off and look at them. "It's ok, but my glasses are broke." You say. "Oh my, I feel terrible." He says. "So what is your name?" You say. "My name is Niall, Niall Horan." he says. "Oh mine is (Y/N)" you say. "Well, uhh I have to go get my glasses fixed." you say. "Ok, but here's my number, could I have yours?" He says smiling. "Yeah sure" You give him your number and walk out of Hollister. You couldn't help but swoon over that Irish dude.

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