Life After The 65th Hunger Games

Bailey and Harry are happy in 13 like they have for 9 years. They have a wonderful daughter who is 3 named Scarlet. It's the 74th hunger games and two tributes come out of the games instead of 1. Bailey knows Snow is up to something so she decides to dress as a Capitol woman and goes to district 4 and finds her brother. This is the sequel to The 65th Hunger Games District 4 Love Story.


11. The trip begins

B pov

I got up into the train I was sharing with district 12. "Hey." Katniss said. She was dressed in a red dress with her hair as it was last year. I was about to cry but then Haymitch walked by pretty much drunk. "Why hello Mrs. Styles you look blown up." he said laughing. "Why thank you Haymitch." I said Sarcasticly. "Don't mind him." A familiar voice said. I turned to see Peeta. "Nice to see you Peeta." I said "Not really." he replied. It was true I would have to be in there with two people that I just made as friends. "Don't worry I'll make sure that we all get out of there." I said. "Like your really going to do that your pregnant for god sakes." Haymitch said. "Looks like your actually sober for once Haymitch." I replied. "Stop it you two. When we get to the Capitol we have to act like a big friendly family." I heard a woman say. I turned to see Effie Trinket. "Well I'm sorry. But this is my second time in the games Effie plus I'm pregnant." I said.

"I know Mrs. Styles but 13 and 12 have to share a floor and a train." she said.

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