Life After The 65th Hunger Games

Bailey and Harry are happy in 13 like they have for 9 years. They have a wonderful daughter who is 3 named Scarlet. It's the 74th hunger games and two tributes come out of the games instead of 1. Bailey knows Snow is up to something so she decides to dress as a Capitol woman and goes to district 4 and finds her brother. This is the sequel to The 65th Hunger Games District 4 Love Story.


2. I'm leaving.

H pov
Bailey told me about there being two winners this year. I was furious. "WHAT?!?!" I yelled. "I know. I was surprised too." she said. "Let's go to the hall now. I'm hungry." I said. "Okay honey." she said. We went to the hall to eat. Everyone was asking how we felt about the two winners situation. I was getting annoyed. "Leave Us Alone!!!" I yelled. They all went back to thier seats. We got dinner then left to go back to our compartment. When we got back Bailey went to talk to Mayor Coin. I let her I was tired anyway. But when I got in bed I wouldn't go to sleep. Scarlet came in my room and sat on the end of the bed. "I want to watch a movie." she said. So I went into her room and put a toy story movie. Then Bailey got back. "I got to go for a trip Harry. By myself." she said.

B pov
"What? Why?" Harry asked. "I have to investigate the two winners. And go back to 4 and find Finnick." I said. He stared at me. "But how?" he asked. "I'm going to dress as a Capitol woman." I replied. He went into our room. I got in the bathroom and put on what Coin gave me. It was a bright red dress that look like a wierd ball gown. I also put on some crazy fake eyelashes and some bright red eyeshadow painted my face white and put on lipstick like the red queen from Alice in wonderland does. I came out and Harry stated at me with my hair curled and died purple. "Oh my god." he said. "I know well I have to leave for 12." I replied.
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