Life After The 65th Hunger Games

Bailey and Harry are happy in 13 like they have for 9 years. They have a wonderful daughter who is 3 named Scarlet. It's the 74th hunger games and two tributes come out of the games instead of 1. Bailey knows Snow is up to something so she decides to dress as a Capitol woman and goes to district 4 and finds her brother. This is the sequel to The 65th Hunger Games District 4 Love Story.


3. I'm Bailey Oidair

B pov
I walked up to the door of Katniss Everdeen in Victor's Village. I knocked on the door. A little girl with blonde hair opened the door. I knew who she was. Primrose Everdeen. "Hello Prim. I'm here to see your big sister I'm Seanne." I said. "Katniss! You have a visitor!" she yelled. The girl on fire came down and saw me. "Hi how can I help you?" she said. "Can I come in I came for a interview." I said. "Come in." she said. "Thank god." I said. I came in it was very big and I saw Peeta and Haymitch playing chess. "Can we talk in private?" I asked Katniss. "Yeah let's go in the study upstairs." she replied. We went into a room with a desk and everything. I closed the door. "Ok finally I can talk to you." I said. "Okay I'm not really from the Capitol my name is Bailey Oidair." I said. She stared at me. "Bailey Oidair is dead." she said. "No I was rescued by district 13. They're underground right now." I said. She actually looked really scared. "Peeta!" she yelled. Then Peeta came into the room. "What's wrong Katniss?" he asked. "She is crazy." she said pointing at me. "No I'm not. Can I just use your bathroom so I can take a shower I brought my own clothes." I said. "Ok. But when you come out you better show me something to prove your Bailey Oidair." she replied. After I got all the stuff off I went back into the study wearing my old necklace that now looked like copper instead of gold. "Oh my god you really are her." she said. "I've been trying to tell you." I said.
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