Life After The 65th Hunger Games

Bailey and Harry are happy in 13 like they have for 9 years. They have a wonderful daughter who is 3 named Scarlet. It's the 74th hunger games and two tributes come out of the games instead of 1. Bailey knows Snow is up to something so she decides to dress as a Capitol woman and goes to district 4 and finds her brother. This is the sequel to The 65th Hunger Games District 4 Love Story.


8. Hey Katniss!

B pov
I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I can't believe I'm pregnant again. I went to the Lee bakery to see Hailey. "Hey Hailey." I said as I entered to the smell of bread baking. "Hey Bailey." she said. "I need to talk to you." I said. "What's up." she asked. "I'm pregnant." I said. She looked at me and squeled. "Oh My God. I'm so happy for you!" she yelled. "One problem. I haven't told Harry I just found out." I said. "Hell he will be happy." she replied. "We should get ready for Katniss and Peeta's arrival." I said. "Yeah can I come to your house and borrow a dress?" she asked. "Sure." I said.
Later that night…
H pov
We went into the square to the arrival of Katniss and Peeta. When Bailey saw Katniss she yelled, "Hey Katniss over here!" Katniss saw us and brought Peeta with her to hug Bailey. "Hey Bailey." she said. "Katniss this is my husband Harry." Bailey said. "Well hello Harry this is my boyfriend Peeta." she said. "Hi Harry I think your wife is really nice." Peeta said. "Why thanks." I replied. Bailey stopped us before we could go hang out with Luke. "Harry before you go see Luke I have to tell you something." she said. "I'm pregnant." she finished. Katniss looked at us. "Well congratulations you two." Peeta said. I nodded. Bailey is pregnant again. I love her so much. "Okay come on Peeta I want you to meet my friend Luke Crestia." I said. "Ok let's go." he replied.

B pov
"Bailey now that your back on the surface your baby will probably be put in the hunger games when it's older." Katniss said. "Hey I didn't intend to be blown up. Besides I'm going to kill snow before the baby is old enough for the games. We both will kill him with our bows." I replied. "I'm happy for you I really am but the games are why I never want kids. I do want to kill snow though trust me I'm with ya one hundred percent on that." she said. "I think I know what the quarter quell is going to be Katniss." I said. "Really?" she asked. "Yeah it'll probably be victors will have to go back in." I replied. She nodded. "Snow is probably going to do that on purpose." she said.
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