Life After The 65th Hunger Games

Bailey and Harry are happy in 13 like they have for 9 years. They have a wonderful daughter who is 3 named Scarlet. It's the 74th hunger games and two tributes come out of the games instead of 1. Bailey knows Snow is up to something so she decides to dress as a Capitol woman and goes to district 4 and finds her brother. This is the sequel to The 65th Hunger Games District 4 Love Story.


1. The winners of the 74th Hunger Games

B p.o.v
I was watching the crowning ceromony for the crowning of the winner of the hunger games. I don't know who won because I didn't watch the end. It's terrible but I wanted to see who won. When the winner was supposed to come out my mouth dropped open there were two. Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. "What the hell." I muttered. Than Scarlet came out into the living room and sat by me. Then suddenly Ron came running to me wet. "GET BACK HERE!" Harry yelled. Ron was my best pet he is a monkey. "Ron go back to the bath now!" I commanded. He started going back. "BAD RON!" Scarlet yelled. I picked her up. "You are a monkey just like Ron." I said. She gave me a dirty look. "No I'm not." she replied. "Your right your more like Daddy who is a singer." I said. "Was. You mean." Harry came in soaking wet. "Go change Harry. I need to talk to you in a minute." I said. Harry went into our room. Then there was a knock it was Liam. "Hey you here to get Scarlet?" I asked. "Yeah." he said. I got Scarlet and handed her to Liam. "Thanks." I said. "No prob." he said. I shut the door. What am I going to tell Harry about the two champions instead of one. He'll be out raged.
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