Loving You Was the Biggest Mistake

Hollis meets Drake at the mall, they end up falling in love. A few months later, Drake cheats on Hollis with a famous UK singer Perrie Edwards.


1. Meeting You




Hollis's POV

"Oh I'm  sorry." I said bumping into a very cute boy. "It's okay" he said. "Well I better get going. I'm meeting my friend in the food court." I said getting off the ground. "OK I guess I'll see you around." "Yeah! Maybe." I yelled. I started walking towards to the food court when the boy came walking towards me. "Wait!" he yelled.  "Yes?" I giggled. "Can I at least get your name?" "Sure. It's Hollis." I said starting to walk away then he started talking again. "Is it to much to ask for your number?" "Um...no not all here." I said giving him a tiny piece of paper with ten digits on it. "Okay I really gotta go now sorry just call me." I said walking away really fast 'cause Marie (my best friend) is probably wondering where I am.

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