Being Taylor Tomlinson.

Taylor Lloyd's parents were tragically killed in a car crash 2 years ago.
The social workers have finally found a family that would adopt her, as she is 16 but is too vulnerable and broken to live on her own.
That family is the Tomlinson's, the mother Jay, Charlotte, Félicité and twins Phoebe and daisy, but not to forget her famous brother Louis.


16. Your kidding me right?

Taylor's POV
"Your kidding me right?"
Jake just said he can't go to Doncaster and that although he loves me blah blah he says he can't do this and well were over
"Do you know what" I took a deep breathe
"I'm never gonna fall in love with anyone again Ever!"
I continued
"The only guy I will ever love is Louis because he's my brother! And none else you've ruined it every guy I love ruins my life makes me loose confidence etc. and cheat on me well guess what" I rambled on clenching my fist till they turned white
"Taylor I know your angry but let's go you know before you make someone bleed... again" Louis said while pulling me away and leading me to the car
"I'm never gonna fall in love again" I blurted out
"Don't be so sure sometimes you can't help it even thought you try" he said lowering his voice at the end bit
"Boobear in Love?" I cooed
Louis gulped
"Is it harry?"
"I'm not gay!"
"What ever you say" I said in a voice which people usually use when they don't believe someone
"I love... You" louis said in a childish way
"Ahhh I love you too, I also know you well enough to know that's not what you ment!"

Louis POV
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