Being Taylor Tomlinson.

Taylor Lloyd's parents were tragically killed in a car crash 2 years ago.
The social workers have finally found a family that would adopt her, as she is 16 but is too vulnerable and broken to live on her own.
That family is the Tomlinson's, the mother Jay, Charlotte, Félicité and twins Phoebe and daisy, but not to forget her famous brother Louis.


8. Spelling Zain, uh sorry Zayn

Taylor's P.O.V

"so taytay tell me about yourself" Louis asked while pulling Zain off me and sitting next to me.

"um, my name is Taylor Lloyd, I'm 16, my parents died 2 years ago in a car crash, I have 5 really close friends, Lizzy my best friend, Prissy, Jake my ex who is still my mate, Sam, Mark both Jakes friends and not to forget Lucy who is 4 and makes my life better everyday. Oh and Zain who I have known forever, well since school"

"wait I thought Zayn was from bradford" he sounded confused

"I moved to Bradford a few years ago and well we lost touch" zayn said hoping boo would understand

"I'm still confused"

"well, I'm in sixform now yeah, which is year 12, and well zayn left when he was in year 13" boo nodded

"we used to be really close" I added

"and I had a crush on her" Zain said bearly audible


"I don't care" Zain replied.

"what ever, Taylor what sort of stuff are you into?"

"xbox, my phone, my laptop, pizza of course, tea yorkshire is my favorite and..." I got cut off by boo

"your favorite vegtable is?..."

WTF!?! vegtable? really

"um I guess carrots they are the only veggie that tastes nice!"

Boo started hugging me tight

"I love you"

"oh" I said in pain

he looked up then Liam said

"let's watch a movie!"

"the notebook" me and Louis shouted at the same time

"and you say your not a directioner?" Niall asked

Directioner, what?

"what the fuck is that?"

"oohh, you swore!" Louis said like a child

"a directioner is a fan,of one direction, and knows more about us then we do!"

"thats freaky"

"I know right!" he replied then the movie started and I snuggled into Zain.

Then I saw Zain go on his phone so I decided to text him see if it was still his number.

'Lol, Zain the best movie ever started and your on your phone?!?!'

Then I heard him chuckle.

'Yes and my name is now officially Zayn!!'

Zayn? um, ok

'fine Mr. fame changed my name!'

we both laughed at the same time, then Louis and the boys looked at us confused

"they're texting each other" Niall whispered to the other boys but I heard.

"duh" I replied.

then they laughed and Niall pretended to be hurt.

"I'm gonna go get some popcorn!" Zayn said while standing up.

A few minutes after,his phone went off.

It was a text from someone called Perrie.

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