Being Taylor Tomlinson.

Taylor Lloyd's parents were tragically killed in a car crash 2 years ago.
The social workers have finally found a family that would adopt her, as she is 16 but is too vulnerable and broken to live on her own.
That family is the Tomlinson's, the mother Jay, Charlotte, Félicité and twins Phoebe and daisy, but not to forget her famous brother Louis.


17. No I love...

Louis' POV
"No I love... You"
"You said that"
I stod up annoyed
"Calm down" Taylor said while standing up and grabbing my hands, I couldn't take it anymore
I grabbed her waist and kissed her lightly on the lips, she put her hands on my neck and kissed me back passionally
After a few minutes I pulled away, she looked sad
"I love you..."
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