Being Taylor Tomlinson.

Taylor Lloyd's parents were tragically killed in a car crash 2 years ago.
The social workers have finally found a family that would adopt her, as she is 16 but is too vulnerable and broken to live on her own.
That family is the Tomlinson's, the mother Jay, Charlotte, Félicité and twins Phoebe and daisy, but not to forget her famous brother Louis.


12. girl fight

Taylor's P.O.V

we were watching grease, but I fell asleep on Louis' chest until I heard the door knock, I felt Louis get up and I sat up.

Louis opened the door and a girl with bright blonde hair walked in and as soon as she saw me she ran up to me and slapped me.

"what the fuck" I asked wile standing up

"you kissed Zayn!"

"uh no he kissed me"

"dont lie!" she said while slapping me again

"wanna  get me angry?" I said while kneeing her in the stomach, she fell to the floor and I punched her in the face.

she punched back, her punch only being blocked by my hand and I pulled her hair and made her turn on her stomach, I kept on pushing her head on the ground until I felt strong arms wrapping around me pulling me away from here. it was Louis.

"Louis what the fuck?"

"as much as I love a girl fight I don't want you to get hurt!"

"Louis were you paying attention" I turned to face Louis and then I continued

"I floored her!"

after I said that I heard a tearing noise then a cold breeze attacked my torso.

"you fucking bitch" I said while turning around to see the girl with a piece of material (my t-shirt)

I punched her in the nose one more time and she started bleeding loads

"get the fuck out of this house!" I said while pushing her back, she fell into niall

"Taylor?" Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me to the kitchen and shut the door

"why did you do that?" he asked genuinely concerned

I started crying heavily

"babe, its okay, tell me what's wrong" he said while pulling me into a hug

"she reminds me of the person who crashed into my parents, bright blonde hair, blue eyes, violent and very protective, I know she looked like that because of in court, she got charged with manslaughter and she is still in jail, but soon to be released" I mumbled into his chest

Louis' P.O.V

she isn't wearing a shirt, oh my god give me a break, I pulled her into the kitchen and I asked

"why did you do that?" then she started crying, I pulled her into a hug (her still only wearing her bra) I could feel her breasts against my t shirt and her once slow but now fast heartbeat.

"babe, its okay, tell me what's wrong"

she told me how Perrie reminded her of her parents killer and my eyes started to water.

I wanted to kiss her, but I couldn't

I sighed deeply

"what's the matter?" she asked

"nothing" I lied

"I'm gonna go to sleep" Taylor said while breaking the hug

"good idea" I said while gently kissing her on the cheek, it took all my power to not kiss her on the lips

she skipped out of the room and ran upstairs

I sighed then Hazza walked in 

"what's the matter" he asked

"you know I've never been in love" he nodded

"I am now" a smile grew on his face 

"is it perrie" he asked grinning



"I can't say"

"it's Taylor isn't it?" he whispered

I slowly nodded, the the door opened

"boys, come in here" my mum shouted

we walked in the main room

"you let Taylor get in a fight?" my mother shouted directly at me

"I'm not in the mood!" I said standing up

"I don't care if your not in the mood, how could you let this happen?" she shouted

I walked off upstairs to the guest room when I walked into Taylor's room to her crying

"babe" I ran to her and pulled her into a hug (she had put a tank top on) she rested her head on my chest her tears soaking my t-shirt

"it's gonna be fine"

"I'm sorry"

"what for"

"soaking your t-shirt I guess"

I laughed

"I don't care about that"

"go on get to bed!, were going to the beach tomorrow!"


this was the boy's ideas I didn't want to cause I know she would wear a bikini!


and with that I walked to the spare room and fell asleep.... dreaming of Taylor

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