Being Taylor Tomlinson.

Taylor Lloyd's parents were tragically killed in a car crash 2 years ago.
The social workers have finally found a family that would adopt her, as she is 16 but is too vulnerable and broken to live on her own.
That family is the Tomlinson's, the mother Jay, Charlotte, Félicité and twins Phoebe and daisy, but not to forget her famous brother Louis.


1. Every day life in 'The sunshine house'

Taylor's P.O.V

Since my parents died in a car crash 2 years ago, I've been living in a care home called 'The sunshine house'

where I have no friends there,only at school, and well it's boring.

I woke up by my very annoying alarm, I dragged my self out of bed and took a shower, then got dressed into my so so happy hoodie (lucky hoodie) and blue skinny jeans.

I did my make up which was light foundation, black eye-liner with a small flick and a light pink lip gloss.

I straightened my long brown hair and gripped a small section on the right side of my hair back.

I slumped down the stairs and ate some breakfast, coco pops to be exact and then went upstairs to brush my teeth.

"Taylor?" Lucy asked, she was 4 and her parents were criminals so she was sent here, she was the only person here who I cared about.

"Lucy, what's the matter?"

"I've been adopted" she said with an excited voice

"lulu, that's amazing"

wow, that's not normal, no-one here gets adopted it's fostered at best!

"yeah, and maybe this family will take me to meet Louis Tomlinson!"

"ha ha, probably"

"well bye-bye we've got to go school"

"bye and good luck with your new family!"

I hugged her and kissed her forehead then she hugged back

Then she walked away.

**At School**

"babe, how are you?" Jake said while wrapping his arms around my waist.

"better now your here" 

"awwh" Prissy and Lizzy said while Jakes friends Sam and Mark made gagging impressions.

we all laughed then Jake kissed me shortly on the lips, then the bell went off.

"lets go to drama" Mark said while hugging Lizzy from behind even though they weren't going out they just flirted with each other even though it was meaning less.

"okay, babykinns" Lizzy replied for us then every one laughed"

**after school**

"see ya babe" Jake shouted as he walked away, Jake was so sweet he would always walk me to 'The sunshine house' he also knew about my parents and was really caring and considering.

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