His Irish Charm

15year old Lora meets new student, Niall Horan. Ever since she saw him, she has loved him


3. What a Bitch!

   "Oh crap," I say. "What's wrong," Niall asks as he turns around. Molly is standing there right in front of us. "Can I help you," I say in an annoyed and sarcastic voice. "Haha very funny Dora," she says while popping her bubble gum. No. She did not just call me Dora. That nickname has been haunting me since the 6th grade. I hate it. Everywhere I went people called me Dora. It finally ended in the 7th grade when a new nickname that I actually liked came along;which was Bethypoo.

   I shake my head at her. "You know that name is so like 3 years ago," I say in a bitchy accent like hers. "Well since I am the most popular girl here at Rockwell High School, I can bring it back, and I can make the whole school hate you," she says. "I doubt that anyone would hate Lora here, I mean, she is the star Sophmore on the Rockwell Varsity Volleyball Team, who could hate her," Niall says suddenly. Molly snaps her attention to Niall. "Big mistake," I whisper to Niall.

    "And who are you?" Molly asks in her bitchy accent. Niall stands up. Niall is a bit shorter than Molly, so he has to look up at her. "I'm Niall Horan, I am the new foreign exchange student from Ireland," Niall says as he puts out his hand for Molly to shake. Molly glares at the hand that is being offerd to her. I sit there on the bench; watching. "Ok first of all, I dont talk to new people. And second of all, I certianly dont talk to people with stupid accents like you," Molly says with a smirk on her face. The Courtyard falls silent. All eyes are focused in our direction. Niall's smile fades away and his hand drops back down to his side. That. Was. It.

    I stand up in anger. "Niall hold my laptop and stay at least ten feet away," I say as I shove my laptop into Nialls arms. He nods slowly and walks away. Everyone in The Courtyard was still staring at us. Most of them have their phones out, they must know what's coming.

   "Ok look, I don't care if you call me Dora, or make me the most hated person here at Rockwell High School, just don't insult Niall. Niall is a human, a human with feelings. And just because he has a really cool accent does not mean that you can make fun of it," I say as I glare at Molly dead in the eyes. I am as tall as Molly, so I have no trouble meeting her hieght requirments. "AWW is Niall your first and only boyfriend," Molly says in a sarcastic tone. "No, but atleast I'm not the slut of Rockwell High who dates the whole football team," I say with a smirk on my face.

   Her eyes grow wide. She winds up her arm and swings her fist at my face. I grab her fist as it hurls towards my face. It stops in mid air. My hand wraps around her fist and I twist it side ways; leaving here defenceless. I knee her in the gut and then I kick her in the back of her knee, which makes her collapse on the ground. Everyone is watching as I hover over her. "And no one would hate the star Sophmore on Rockwell High School's Varsity Vollryball team," I say as I pick up my back pack and I face Niall.

   The whole Courtyard starts cheering. Some girls who must have been bullied by Molly before even cam eup and asked me for my autograph. I sign a few autographs an Niall and I start walking towards my house. Leaving probaly the most memerable event that ever happened at Rockwell High. The girl who took down The School Bitch. 


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