His Irish Charm

15year old Lora meets new student, Niall Horan. Ever since she saw him, she has loved him


5. This moment...

    "The periodic table is arranged in a certian order, it is arranged from non-metals, to metalloids, to metals," utters my Chemistry teacher Mrs. Patterson. I love this class, but I would love it even more if Niall was in here. This is the only class that I don't have with Niall. I reach into my pocket to text Niall when suddenly, the door to the classroom opens, and in walks the Irish lad.

    "Pardon me Mrs. Patterson, but may I take a few moments of your time to ask a very special someone a very special question," Niall says in his accent. I just noticed a acustic guitar in his hand. "Lora love, would you please come up here," Niall says looking straight at me.

    My heart stops. I slowly stand up from my desk in the back of the room. I feel every single pair of eyes glued on my right now. With each step I take towards the front of the classsroom, my heart speeds up. I finally reach the front of the classroom. Mrs. Patterson placed a stool in the front of the classroom for me to sit on. I take my place on the stool.

    "Lora, ever since I saw you that day in math, I have loved you. I wanted to ask you this question yesterday, but I have decided to do this publicly," Niall says as he places the guitar strap around his shoulder. I hear a small snicker come from the back of the room. I turn around and I see who it came from. Of course it came from Molly. I can't help but laugh at her. She was instanly shut uped by a slap in the back of the head by Mrs. Patterson.

  I turn back to face Niall. He had the guitar strap around his shoulder and his fingers were placed on the strings. He starts to strum a beautiful melody. Then, out of nowhere he starts to sing.

  "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. And you'll never treat yourself right darling, but I want you to. If I let you knooww I'm here, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I, Love, You," he sang in this amazing voice that I have never heard before. The room is silent. No one is laughing. Not even Molly. I see eyes start to feel with tears, even the football players.

    "Lora,," Niall suddenly says, "will you be my date to Homecoming tonight?" I answer without even thinking. "Of course I will Niall." One by one the whole Chemisty class stands up and starts cheering.



 Authors Note: Well thats it folks for my first fan fiction :) please tell me how I did in the comments!!!!

~ Lora Tomlinson


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