His Irish Charm

15year old Lora meets new student, Niall Horan. Ever since she saw him, she has loved him


2. The Return of Molly

    "Lora, are you okay love," I hear Niall say. "Oh yeah, Im fine," I say as I shake the flashback out of my head. Niall and I are best friends. We tell each other everything that is going on in our lives. If I have a problem, Niall is there for me. If I need someone to hang out with because I am bored, Niall is there for me. I like Niall, but I like him in a different way. I mean like I really like him. Ever since I saw him that day in math class. His blue T-shirt, his balck skinny jeans, but most of all, his eyes. His eyes are wonderful. Every time I look into them. I get put into a trance.

     Niall holds the door open for me as we walk out of the high school. The Courtyard is filled with big and scary Seniors. We walk by them and we take a seat on the nearby bench. "Should we start working on our World History project," suggests Niall. "I'm already ahead of you," I say as I pull out my laptop. "You read my mind," Niall says as he giggles a litte. "Okay, so we have 3 paragraphs written, and we need at least 5 more. Is there anything else we could say?" I ask scrolling down on the previously typed paragraphs on my laptop. I look over at Niall and I see him staring off and looking at someone. No....No... why is she back? How could she be back? Just why??? She's back. Molly is back.

    I hate Molly. She drives me crazy. She is probaly the biggest bitch in this school. She walks down the hallways like she owns the place. Her strawberry-blond hair boucing every time she walks. Popping the bubblegum inbetween her glossy lips. The smell of her purfume could kill you, because she overdoeses on it. She gets away with everything. She can cheat on exams without getting caught. She can bully other girls while still acting like she is so innocent. I remember walking into the girls bathroom one day and seeing her and her little posse shoving a girl into the wall a knocking her books on the floor. She plucked the glasses off of the girl and she "accedentaly" dropped them in the sink. Her and her posse walked out of the bathroom like nothing happend. That pisses me off. One day, I am going to enjoy seeing that one girl that they bullied in the bathroom become a multi-millionaire, and watch Molly and her little posse become a drug addict teenaged single mothers with no future.

    "Hey Lora, who is that cunt over there," Niall says nodding over towards Molly, who was talking to a bunch of other bitchy girls. Niall interrups my train of thought. I couldn't help but laugh. "What's so funny," Niall asks with a confused look on his face. "Niall bro, do you know what a cunt is?" I question him, still laughing. "Its a lady," Niall replied, still wondering why I was laughing. "Well Niall, in America, a cunt means a slutty woman." I say. Niall's eyes grew as big as baseballs. "Then that's why Mrs. England yelled at me when I called he a beautiful cunt," Niall says, now laughing with me. I look over to see Niall smiling at me. I smile back, but it suddenly drops when I see a certan bitch walking towards us. Molly.


Authors Note: Sorry guys if this not the best fan fiction. It is my first one that I am actually posting online for the world to see. I am also writing this fan fiction solo. I might have some co owners in my future fan fictions. I hope you all like this one!!!!

~Lora Tomlinson :) <3


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