His Irish Charm

15year old Lora meets new student, Niall Horan. Ever since she saw him, she has loved him


4. So Close...

    "So tell me more about Ireland," I say as I put down my AP English textbook and I stretch my arms out. "Well, I come from a wee little town called Mullingar. It's pretty quite there." Niall says as he also puts down his AP English textbook. I get up from my spot on my bed and I walk over to the mini fridge in the corner of my room. "You want a water?" I call back to Niall. ""Sure," he replies. I drop to one knee and I dig around in the mini fridge. I pull out 2 water bottles; I toss a water bottle to Niall. "Thanks love," he says as he opens the top and takes a sip. "No problem bro," I say as I walk back towards the bed and I take a seat.

   "Hey Lora, can I ask you something," Niall asks me. "Sure, you can ask me anything," I say as I close my AP English textbook and I write down one last sentence on my paper. "Why did you defend me today in The Courtyard from Molly," he questions me. I give him the 'are you that stupid look'. "The question is, why wouldn't I defend you," I say, "You are my best friend Niall, that is what best friends do. And besides. I am sick and tired of Molly bullying everybody at school," I concluded.

    Niall and I try to finish the rest of our homework. All of a sudden, Niall asks me a question that makes my heart skip a beat. "Are you going to the Homecoming dance tomorrow?" he asks. I take a breif moment befor I answer. "I am, but I don't have a date," I say as I take anothersip of my bottled water. "Ok well since you arent going with anyone." Niall is suddenly interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He answers the phone. "Ok mum, I'm on my way," Niall presses the end call button on his Iphone. "Soryy I have to leave so early, me mum needs me home," Niall says as he picks up his back pack. "And besides, I have have to work on something for Monday," Niall says as he winks at me and closes the door. Was he about to ask me to the Homecoming dance? I really hope he asks my in time. And what could he be working on for Monday???



Authors Note: Sorry if this chapter is shorter than you expected. I wrote this at midnight so I am tired. I will try and update more Tomorrow

~Lora Tomlinson :)<3

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