His Irish Charm

15year old Lora meets new student, Niall Horan. Ever since she saw him, she has loved him


1. Flashback

    "Hey,wait up," utters Niall as he closes his top locker and jogs up next to me to walk with me. "Hey Niall, how did you like your first week here at Rockland High School," I ask. "It has been...ok...but at least it is better than my school back in Ireland," he says. Ireland. That is where he is from. I should've known from his thick accent. The accent. I remember first hearing him speak words with his wonderful accent. I remember last week. It was 3rd hour Math. My old witch of a math teacher Mrs. Sparrow would not stop talking about freaking fractions and stupid decimals. I was half asleep from this boredom. Until the intercom came on. I always hated those. "Mrs. Sparrow, pardon this interruption, but we have a new foreign exchange student for you," the intercom boomed through the classroom. "Pleasant, send them down to my classroom as you can," Mrs. Sparrow called up to the speaker. Oh great, another student. I resume to doze off. 10 minutes later, the classroom door opens. I shot awake when I catch a glimpse of the student. My jaw drops open. I could not believe my eyes. Was this the foreign exchange student? This wonderful lad. He stands there about 5 feet an 7 inches tall. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans. His hair. Oh his hair. It is placers in a quiff. His hair is obviously dyed. You could seem the brown at his roots. The rest of his hair was dyed blond. His eyes... His eyes.... I can't even explain how beautiful they were. They were a deep blue that reminds you of an ocean on a warm sunny day. "Take a seat," Mrs. Sparrow suddenly utters. Niall searches around the classroom in search of a spot to sit. That was when I realized that the only open spot in the whole classroom, was right next to me. Niall looks at me with those beautiful eyes of his. "Is this seat taken," he spoke with an accent that would make any girl swoon over. Instead everybody in the classroom laughed. Everybody except for me. Niall's face flushes with embarrassment. "No, it's not," I say with a smile on my face. Niall gave me a shy smile and he sat down in the chair next to me. He opened his math textbook with great caution, like he was expecting something to jump out ot him. A confused looks spread across his face. I giggle a little. He turned and gave me a huge smile, revealing his invisable braces. I smile back at him, revealing my grey visible braces. From that moment on, I knew that Niall and I would be great friends.

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